Review: Evil Ernie: GodEater #3

By Kaleb Herbert

God-Eater is quite the fitting name for the grotesque, gigantic creature that was trapped on Earth and is now free. Through the artwork of Worley and Razek the reader can really get a sense of how immense the God-Eater truly is and how SOL Ernie is in terms of facing off against this monstrosity. Besides the big reveal of exactly who the God Eater creature is this was a rather slow, dreadfully uneventful, somewhat disappointing issue in comparison to how the first two issues went. The first two issues had great character build-up, a solid pacing in terms of events taking place, and this issue just lacked any kind of real motivation to progress the story. From what Jordan and Davidsen delivered previously, maybe there was just a high expectation for them to keep following up with better and better material. Perhaps this slower issue will lead into greater things which is expected from what the past issues have delivered.

As with the first two issues, the art is very unique, but unfortunately for this issue, it was confusing and even distracting from the real essence of the issue. Worley and Razek have such an interesting way to depict each scene in the panels. The blurred image style is rather interesting, it just seems like they took that to a whole new extreme this go around. Although it does give the art a really ominous, dark feeling which is perfect for a story like this, in some of the panels, it was hard to even determine what was drawn. The lines were rough and broken in areas, and there wasn’t that smooth transition from panel to panel. There are things within the art that gives off an eerie vibe which both artists nail on the head very well, but take into consideration that a good portion of the panels look like they were done with water colors, very washed away looking. Great example of this is the angel that Ernie has teamed up with is never more than just a blur.

Overall this is a fantastic series definitely worth reading. It is nice to read a comic that really is different from everything else out there at the moment. If blurred images gives you a headache then maybe stay clear of this series. The $4.99 price is still a bit much, but if the creative team gives the reader what they want then I don’t see a problem with paying a few extra dollars for quality work. If you don’t mind the price tag and are looking for a great series to start, pick up this issue along with the first two issues because it seems like there is a lot of great things to come from the creators of this comic series.[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Score: 3/5

Evil Ernie: God Eater #3
Writers: Justin Jordan and Keith Davidsen
Artists: Colton Worley and Cezar Razek
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment