Review: Exit Generation #1

It’s Earth 2025 and we as a populous have hit a crisis level. There are rots and civil disobedience. The United States issues martial law. A man named Matthew marries his love, Olivia. The powers that be, decide that the only option is Extraction by Interstellar Transport, The EXIT project. Construction begins and our man, Mathew volunteers. Time flies as the “Project” moves forward and then Matthew finds out that he is part of the first group to be removed from the planet but his love Olivia must stay. Unbeknownst to Matthew, Olivia is pregnant and with the issue that has arisen with the Arks, Matthew might not be coming back.

Twenty years later Jack sits on the roof of his house listening to music. He is brought back to reality by his lifelong friend Mo whose family he lives with ever since his mother left him. In the house the family surprise Jack with a birthday celebration. With gifts like a guitar and action DVDs, Jack encourages Mo to head to their club house, an area that Jack has set up to enjoy entertainment from yesteryear. As Jack tries to explain his longing love for action and violence it seems to be misunderstood by his friend Mo. Taken back by his words, Mo believes that Jack is just simply being selfish and doesn’t appreciate the life that he has and with that, Mo leaves Jack to his movies.

Exit Generation #1-1Before Jack can feel sorry for himself he notices a spacecraft fling overhead. He starts to run following as it flies lover and lower. When it lands Jack is witness the visitors and intentions.

Okay Exit Generation isn’t a bad comic at all. It does a great job in setting up the world and bringing the reader up to speed on what’s going on. Almost too well, in the short time that I was exposed to Matthew I was ready to become vested in his journey. That aside Jack and Mo have done their part and in the short time that they are given to gain the reader’s interest. The art works well and matches the tone and feel of the book very well. Other than that, Jack has great taste in Hong Kong cinema with The Killer and Hard Boiled. Both flicks are Chow-Yun classics.

Basically Exit Generation is off to a good start and is worth checking out.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Sam Read Artist: Caio Oliveira Price: £1.00 ($1.64 USD) / Digital and £3.00 ($4.92) Physical Website