Review: Faith #3

It feels like Jody Houser is really hitting her stride in this issue. While every issue of Faith has felt uplifting, this particular issue, where Faith shares her passion for fandom with her boyfriend Archer, from the Archer and Armstrong series, feels like it hits the right combination of nerd references and positive messaging. Instead of just making allusions to pop-culture, Faith takes it upon herself to throw in con tips for the would be con goer. I feel like this makes sense for the character. It gives her an outlet to express her enthusiasm in a way that doesn’t feel like pandering to the audience. It is a great technique that puts her first-hand experience of fandom and her belief of inclusivity on display. She feels more like a fan for having advice rather than just having knowledge about the culture. faith_003_cover-a_wadaAs for the plot of the story, it is an out of left field caper that you would expect from a Faith comic set at a date at a con. There are a series of robberies which Faith and Archer must stop in order to save the con. It feels looser than the first two issues. Again, there is this old school feel to the plotline, like anything can and probably will happen. It’s refreshing to find a book that puts that freedom front and center in its story arcs.

Pere Perez and Andrew Dalhouse also feel like they have incorporated a looser style than the one used in previous issues. The layouts in this book are great. What the characters are doing and wearing, in addition to the setting, are all reflected in the layouts. I especially liked the steampunk borders on the first page as well as the fantasy sequence done by Marguerite Sauvage. There is also a funny gag in the Artist Alley sequence that you might be able to spot if you're looking closely. In terms of art, I think this might have been one of the best of the three. In the last issue there were a few problems with the text and thought boxes being a little too similar to decipher, but in this issue every thought and word is clear.

This issue feels like everyone is hitting all of their marks at full steam. The plot was well paced, the character voices and interactions were superb, and the art is the most creative I’ve seen it the three issues. Faith continues to be one of the best feel good comics on the shelves.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Faith #3 Writer: Jody Houser Artist: Pere Perez and Marguerite Sauvage Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Format: Ongoing: Print/Digital