Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #15

FVZ_15_preview_Page_1The cover for this issue explains the comic perfectly. Taking a stab at zombies while making some jokes is all I need to face the day. Okay let us dive right in, so I thought I would be annoyed with the whole zombies in space thing, but it is actually like they are on land. It doesn’t really make a difference in the plot. I do hope that the crew goes home soon though for two reasons. One being I want to see Kyle and Missy come back! I know I talk about it every review and maybe I should just let go of these two, but I refuse to let go of them. I do think they will come back only because they have to hold the truth to this Kurt guy. He hasn’t been bad for some issues now, but he always has the rashest plans. Plus he killed Kyle and Miss. That alone deserves punishment. He is still madly in love with Amanda which makes me sick because she is so bad-ass and he is so nothing. This may be one of Amanda’s best issues yet though. She never backs down from a fight and the crew is slowly starting to realize that she can make a weapon out of anything. I definitely think Shane Houghton wrote this girl out his own fanboy fantasy. She isn’t the hot one but the cute one; which to me always wins out. Once again good news for Kurt though; his brother, Neil, is well and not a zombie. The crew did find a cure but they still are confused what happened to Bill.

We jump back on the ship where Brendan, Rob, and Jenna are about to have a threesome. The boys are being reluctant but Jenna pushes them into it. Just when they get down to their underwear and start to get nasty the space ship’s main scientist opens the door to find them. He is restraining Bill, who is now a zombie.

Eventually the whole crew meets up and they have no idea who to blame for Bill. It starts to get out of control when Amanda discovers that there are a shit ton of crew hidden in the vents as zombies. The crew is nervous because they don’t think they can cure all of them. They are swarming and of course in the middle of them is Amanda trying to fight her way out. Brendan and Rob decide they must not hurt any of the zombies, because they now have a cure. Until the crew sees the true source of all the zombies on board and this is where Kurt gets bad again.

Kurt is about to go ape shit on these fools in hopes to save his love. Neil realizes that his brother is in need of help and a light bulb goes off in his head. I think he is about to do something rash too.

Again, this comic cracks me up and yet I still get so into it. The best part are the little things like this whole issue Jenna, Rob, and Brendan are all in their underwear. It makes it awkward but yet no one comments on it. The simple things are the ones I love. That is why I love this comic.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Shane Houghton

Artist: Jerry Gaylord

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/19/13