Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #19

My prayers have been answered! We finally get back into the thick of things with Fanboys vs. Zombies. We took some devious routes, but now it is all fresh air...with the slight undertone of zombie breath. Rob and Burger come back on the scene. It makes the hell of a difference for this week’s issue. Now let me first say that they aren’t in it a lot, but still enough time to bring me back to the promise land. Our setting takes place in Mexico, and I think that is pretty cool. I love when comics cross cultures and embrace the culture in that issue. So some of this issue is in Spanish, which is understandable if you don’t speak Spanish. We meet up with Felix and his brother. Felix is just an average dude, but is sort of the leader of a huge group of Mexicans trying to survive the attack. He is the conductor, no really he like totally drives a train. Their mission; get to Canada in hopes of it being too cold for zombies to live.

FVZ_19_preview_Page_1Burger finds Felix, and they immediately become friends. Burger and Rob are trying to get back to Saint Diego (sorry too many Anchorman reruns). They want to hitch a ride. Did I mention there are zombies everywhere? Probably the most zombies yet. That was exciting for me see. Anyway, Felix tries to find room and Burger asks why Felix’s brother is so apprehensive when fighting off zombies. Well I don’t want to ruin it, but Felix’s brother used to wrestle in Lucha Libre. His name was El Esqueleto. He sort of has a tragic story and swears to never hurt a fly. Again, it is cool that the comic embraces some Mexican culture. El Esqueleto is one huge dude, so it is a shame that he can’t put up his best fight. This stresses Felix out being the leader and all. Once, Felix drops Rob and Burger off, the comic revolves around the two brothers leading the train through trouble. It actually has a pretty cool story attached.

I love this take on zombies, because at least for now, we are focusing on people trying to survive; not a group trying to find the cure for it all. I am sure this comic will get into all of that, since it already has, but I appreciate the break from the same old zombie story. Sometimes, I feel like my reviews mean nothing… ha, but today I felt like I was heard when the Wrecking Crew made its comeback. I almost stopped reading this comic! Now, I am back in love and hope to never recycle the previous issues.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Shane Houghton Artist: Jerry Gaylord Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/23/13