Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #20

This is the end of Fanboys vs. Zombies. When all said and done, the decision to end the series was a good one. I couldn’t imagine the story taking on more than it did while keeping readers interested. I was proud of the overall effort and will miss this addition in my pile. I liked the quirky jokes and fun-loving characters. It did get a tad hard to write a whole review, because towards the end nothing major happened. I enjoyed issue nineteen, but still thought the story felt forced and that is a bad sign just nineteen issues in. This issue takes on a new role with the telling of the story. Clearly, the comic had some ground to cover, since the gang just got back from space. The writers decide to write themselves in as characters and tell of the comic, Fanboys vs. Zombies, as they are going to some convention. It was fun how they ended it this way, and allowed for a shout out at almost everyone who worked on the series. It isn’t how I would end a huge series, but with this being cut off so short it worked out pretty well.

FVZ_20_preview_Page_1Our two main characters are Jerry Gaylord and Shane Houghton. The two are headed into a convention where Shane is telling Jerry of how Fanboys vs. Zombies will eventually end. I love how Jerry has no idea, clearly indicating his type of personality. Plus Jerry asks all about Missy and Kyle, since the fans loved these characters and everyone hoped they would come back. Well it finally gets address along with tons of other quick information. I don’t want to reveal all of it, since I feel bad that the comic is cancelled. But the Wrecking Crew is back together once again. We also find out that Kurt has been a secret jerk the whole time. He did kill Kyle and Missy and is playing with the characters in order to survive. Amanda is heartbroken, and needs to leave the crew for a while. It all ends up being a good thing since she runs into a familiar face.

While this all happening, Jerry and Shane are noticing some strange occurrences at the convention and decide to check it out. Shane is still talking all the while about the ending though. The Wrecking Crew heads to Seattle and finds that there are no zombies. Burger is with them so leads to some problems. Here is where the story kind of trails off. We get no clear indication of what happens, but we do know the story ends happily by a few pictures we see being play out. I think the writers wanted to leave some of the story up to the reader, plus it was a lot to fill in with only one issue.

Jerry and Shane notice their story coming to life at their very own convention, and run for their lives from the zombies they help create. The story ends with a recap of what happens to Jerry and Shane. All in all, it was pretty shitty that the comic had to end, but I think Shane did a good job of writing it out. I will miss Jerry Gaylord’s fun art and hope to see him in some other stuff soon. Thanks guys.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Shane Houghton Artist: Jerry Gaylord Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/27/13