Review: Farlaine the Goblin: Book 1 The Tinklands

Before I jump into this immensely cute comic, let me first tell you a bit about the plot. Farlaine (Far-Lin, as he pronounces it) is in search of a new forest. He desperately seeks for a place to call his own. He has traveled long and far but can’t seem to find the perfect fit. He is a tree shaman which is a pretty cool profession in my opinion. If I lived in a forest I would totally want Farlaine to be my shaman. The coolest part of this series is Farlaine’s bff, Ehrenwort. Obviously, Farlaine couldn’t have a goblin be his best friend but instead a tree. He carries it on his back and has hefty conversations with the dude during their journey. The relationship is fun and although Ehrenwort doesn’t say much, Farlaine does most of his talking... And usually it is exactly what the reader is thinking too. Oh and one last thing about this journey, together they produce magic with seeds. They instantly grow and can be used in any way possible to escape unwanted situations all the way to trading with them as well. Farlaine only has 10 lands left to search. He recalls some past lands and his stories seem like real adventures. For The Tinklands, Farlaine must battle little tinks as they destroy everything in their path. The story is intensely addictive to read. The way the two train these trees and use them to their advantage is so cool. It is amazing how Farlaine can remember all these seeds and their functions. My favorite is when Farlaine and Ehrenwort must climb up a mountain, and he uses Cliffseeds in order to jump up the mountain using these instant popping trees as his stairs.

The coloring is in black and white which I always dig. It allows for the reader to become a creator and not even be thinking about it. By imaging the colors, we can make the book our own in a way. I love how the comic uses lots of zings and bubbles to make us feel right into the adventure. Even the smallest of rustles will get a lettered noise for us. I can appreciate the detail in that. The creatures are quite adorable too. I can never really get into a main character who isn’t cute! I can dig Farlaine from the start,because he is so freakin’ sweet. I just love his little pudge belly.

The story is an all ages comic, but I would say the general audience would be geared for kids. I could see myself reading this to my kids before bed. Who doesn’t enjoy a good adventure in a far off land? And if you are like me, reading children’s books just because they rock... hard, then you can check this out too. The full story will consist of 7 books. All going through a new forest in each title. I am sure the adventures will be a riot to watch unfold with Farlaine and his tree buddy, Ehrenwort.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Farlaine The Goblin aka Anonymous Publisher: Studio Farlaine Price: $5.00 Website Facebook