Review: Farlaine the Goblin: Book 2 The Saltlands

Farlaine is entering a new land in hopes of finally calling someplace home. He and Ehrenwort have travelled for a very long time and just can’t seem to find a land that fits. For me, it is very bothersum because like I have said before, Farlaine is the cutest goblin I have seen in a while. In the first volume of this addictive comic, Farlaine enters into The Tinklands. For my awesome review of Tinkland and the introduction to Farlaine read here. Otherwise, let me proceed with Farlaine’s new adventure. I liked the first volume of this comic, but I just fell in love with Farlaine here. And of course I was already in love with his bff tree, Ehr. He doesn’t say much the tree is really a reflection of what the reader is thinking. When Ehr uses his bubble powers to create trees, it is such a creative concept. Who would have thought making trees would be such a neat craft? We enter in The Saltlands. This is a very strange land. I think I liked the Tinklands better, but the story that happens here is so cute. The Saltlands are unique with the fact that kicking up some salt brings the salt people back to life. They wash away from the rain and hope to be kicked up in order to reform. By the way, these dudes are dumb. Super dumb. They can’t speak correctly nor use proper tenses or sentence structure. It took me the whole book in order to get used to it. Farlaine soon enters into the main city of the Saltlands where he finds an idol of sorts. The salt dudes worship this huge block of salt. This huge block creates a roof for the salt people, so they don’t get rained on a lot. Salt isn’t a very good base for planting trees and having tons of wood. This is where Farlaine comes in.

He meets the mayor of Saltlands. He is one strange salt guy. And wears a lot of hats. The major befriends Farlaine very quickly in hopes of him giving the salts some wood to build houses. The goblin and his tree buddy don’t particularly want to give up trees for the mayor. I don’t blame them; the mayor gives me the salty creeps. Farlaine and Ehr find themselves in a pickle when they realize that the huge block of salt, their god, is being held by a tink. The major asked him to hold it one day and hasn’t looked back since. To Farlaine this seems like cruel punishment, but then he doesn’t know if he should trust a tink having just experienced their crazy land.

Farlaine is just such a good sport about everything. This book really just steps up his personality and his loyalty to new friends. Obviously, the rad thing about Farlaine is his ability to create these trees. He knows every tree which gives him no trouble coming up with a solution to help him through every situation. Seeing this little goblin’s mind work is so much fun. In the first volume, we see a lot about Farlaine and Ehr’s powers that they possess.  But #2 clearly wanted to show who Farlaine was as a goblin. So #1 and #2 set up the whole world and the characters. Now I am stoked for #3 because it has to revolve all around the action now. Plus, I really hope Falaine and Ehr can find a home soon!

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Farlaine The Goblin aka Anonymous Publisher: Studio Farlaine Price: $5.00 Release Date: 10/30/13 Website Facebook