Review: Faster Than Light #1

Faster Than Light is a space story set in the distant future, after the discovery of “faster-than-light” technology. Immediately, the technology is put to use, and space missions that previously would have taken years now take just days. What’s humankind to do but go out and explore space? I was eager to pick this one up; I’m a sucker for anything set in space, so I barely had to read the synopsis before I was on board. Space exploration, aliens, dude with a big secret- these are all good things in my book.

So far, Faster Than Light has me underwhelmed. The characters aren’t interesting or noteworthy- and, sure, characters don’t have to be particularly unique if the story is plot- or action-heavy. But there’s an attempt at backstory- or hints of backstory- with a few of the characters, which should solidify our cast, but it’s still just too flimsy for the reader to hold on to. There’s an attempt at tension between a couple of characters, and another who seems a bit shady, but none of these issues are interesting enough for hold anyone’s attention.

FasterThanLight_01-1The coolest moment of this issue is the discovery of a new planet. It happens pretty abruptly, but at least it happens. The crew sets off to explore, and of course that’s when things begin to get sticky. So there’s some hope for the action, at least, to pick up, if nothing else. Surely the ominous alien tentacles promise action in the near future?

Up until the new planet and the alien tentacles, I didn’t find Faster Than Light especially interesting, and unless the second issue picks up, like, a lot, I probably won’t read further. I love a space story, but there has to be something to hold my interest. The quick glimpse of aliens might just be that something, but we’ll have to wait until #2 to find out.

This issue was underwhelming and uninteresting, though built on some potential. Space, aliens, and secrets should be enough to write a decent story, so I’ll wait until #2 before truly passing judgment. I’m not exactly waiting with bated breath, though.

Score: 2/5

Faster Than Light #1 Writer/Artist: Brian Haberlin Colorist: Geirrod VanDyke Publisher: Image/Shadowline Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/9/15 Format: Print/Digital