Review: Fatale #22

Anytime you can put a mutant-demon-man lighting it up on your cover, you know you have a good comic on your hands. So thank you Sean Phillips. Oh and yeah the Bishop is totally back. In a huge hell of a way too. I can’t say I have missed him all that much though. But it was time for his story to take on new light. The journey has to end. And man Bishop has been on some big journey. I mean this guy is rough looking, and it doesn’t help that Jo took his eyes out. I am pretty sure he is still pissed about that even after everything else she has taken from him. With the Bishop coming back, you can bet on some creepy shit going down too. This comic freaks me out, in a entertaining way. Even though Jo is four days ahead of him, I still think these two are ready for a showdown. It has been a while since these two caught up with each other. Last time was a huge explosion for all involved, so Bishop is only growing his anger with every minute. He is ready to get that rush he had when first being changed. Jo can bring that to him. We don’t see any of Jo in this issue. I think it is important to always dedicate an issue to the villain. Bishop, no matter how much we hate him, deserves his own story. He has got tons to give us. And since we follow Bishop the whole time, I was wondering if his character would have that same appeal that Jo gives us. Obviously Jo has this allure where you can’t help but fall into her every move. The Bishop actually did have some of this power too. The comic helps give the illusion of this with all the close ups down on him. It is amazing to me how disturbing this man looks just in the comic. His eyes dig deep inside.

Fatale22-CoverWe pretty much bounce back and forth from Bishop’s past story to his present. He is getting closer to his goal, and even discovers something that Jo forgot. I think even the readers forgot this one too. The discovery slowly unfolds during the issue, and I really hoped this was all part of Jo’s plan, but man she screwed up.

As the end is coming near, I am exciting to see how this epic tale ends. Although I don’t think Fatale will ever really end. There is still much to be done. But even if we get another story or not, I still think Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have put together what I like to call my favorite freakin’ comic. The narrative has taken the readers to lots of places and back again. Jo just has that control over everyone. With only two issues left, everything will put on the line for this final battle. Honestly, I don’t even know who will win. Maybe somehow Bishop and Jo will die, but maybe for Jo that will be a win. Who knows. All I know is that I am going to be there bright eyed and ready to take in whatever Brubaker and Phillips throw at us.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Sean Phillips Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 5/7/14