Review: Feathers #3

Feathers is just straight up cute. I’m not going to lie, I totally just got into this mini-series for that reason. But really if that’s what it takes to draw somebody in than so be it! What I find especially cute is Poe. See he is this little dude living in, what the townspeople refer to as, the Maze. Nobody really knows why it is called that, but I would assume that the rich side of town, the City, likes to watch all the poor people run around and essentially race for food, money, and their lives. Poe is in the middle of it all, but most importantly he is covered in feathers... and no this isn’t a typical feature of the comic. He has no idea why he is covered in feathers so he lurks in the night with his adoptive dad but every chance he gets, you will find Poe in the daytime too. He protects the young kids from the City’s police. So yeah this kid is a total superhero. Ok, ok, but back to why he is cute. Well Jorge Corona made the boy so relatable for small heroes out there. He is selfless and yet just wants to fit in and find people that accept him for who he is. But don’t think Corona has written a wise beyond his years little fella. Poe still just wants to have fun, disobeys his father, and still scare some of the bad kids into fearing him. Corona has given us a good balance in our little Poe. And let’s not forget just how cute Poe is drawn. He obviously has these bird tendances that just make his movements on each page so graceful. Then he wears these old fashioned goggles with his spiky feathers on top of his head. Again, reason enough to pick up this comic.

Feathers-#3-1But believe me there is more. The story is fun and packs a lot of it into each issue. I don’t feel like the story is rushing at all even though we have been through a lot already. Poe has met a friend. His first. Her name is Bianca and she is helping Poe find the Guide. Bianca is from the city though and doesn’t really understand how the Maze works quite yet. In this issue, she finally just realizes how dangerous the Maze can be and how risky it is to be a kid nonetheless.

The whole plot has a lot more to it than just some kid trying to find himself. We meet a new character. A dark and creepy character that just might hold some answers about Poe and how the whole Maze works. I was intrigued by his presence and assume his story will unfold more next month. But my favorite addition to this week’s issue is Z’s role stepping into the light more. Z is the leader of these homeless kids who steal for food. She has quite the attitude but I think she has a good heart. Either way, Poe and Z will probably have to agree to something in order to stop the disappearance of the homeless kids in the Maze.

Feathers is a delight to read for all ages. I couldn’t be more excited to see where this action filled mini-series is taking us next. Hopefully to the City because we haven't seen much of how this side of town works or to the Guide since we don’t much about him either or we could even dive into our new mysterious character. So many places to go and I couldn’t think of any better lead to go with than Poe!

Score: 4/5

Feathers #3 Writer/Artist/Creator: Jorge Corona Colorist: Jen Hickman Publisher: Archaia/BOOM! Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/4/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital