Review: Feathers #6

Let’s just start right away with how insanely awesome the art was in this issue of Feathers. Now I have always been a fan of Jorge Corona’s art but damn... this issue takes the cake along with Jen Hickman’s coloring. Corona and Hickman do a great job capturing the mood of each character with just the art. The man with the red scarf starts the issue with being on the cover. It sets up this mood and with Hickman using such a deep red, you know this is getting serious. Throughout the whole issue, the red follows from panel to panel and then from page to page. It is addicted and much like this man’s song putting people into a trace, the red and flow of his character captures the reader in the same way. Even though he was the bad guy, I didn’t want it to end. It was beautiful and added to the fight that Poe must go through. That brings me to Poe. I love the emotions that Poe goes through. He comes to live, dies, and has a rebirth all in one issue. It is amazing to look at and even without the dialogue, the reader can visually understand what Poe is going through and the struggles he is facing. Then Corona gives Feathers such a mystery that Poe’s story becomes the most intriguing children's comic out there. You can’t help but fight for him and go through this rollercoaster ride of emotions with Poe.

Feathers-#6-1Sidenote: The Guide, although not technically in this issue, still has this power over the City and the Maze. But instead of telling us this, Corona shows it with her golden feathers swiping through at various moments. It represents so much about her character and just how this place works.

You may be confused of why The Guide isn’t in this issue when she clearly has a big part or why I still don’t have answer about certain plot points. Well I am going to tell you a little something about this comic; it doesn’t exactly end. Yeah with this being the last issue of a mini-series, you would think that everything gets exposed but Corona decides to keep a lot hidden. And I love this! One it always seems to happy and fair to get all the answers. Sometimes readers need to be left out in the rain. Not only is this how real stories operate but also leaves the door open for curiosity. And curiosity will hopefully lead to more stories from Feathers. So yes I totally want this mini-series to move forward with other stories. There is so much more to explore. Just to name a few, Poe’s dad’s history, The Guide’s function and how she came to be, and of course anything about Poe because he is the best.

So what does this issue answer for us. Well it answers a lot about the red scarf guy. He isn’t what he appears to be and also seeks power that I didn’t assume he would want. His character ends but his story doesn’t. This will totally make sense when you read it yourself. He was a great first bad guy for Poe and creepy to read and see bloom in this issue. Poe’s father has a bigger role in this issue as well. His story actually intrigued me a lot. He has a lot to say. And I also just think we learn more about Poe’s character. Our main man encompassed everything we want a hero to be. He goes through this journey with us and Corona gave his character this vulnerable side that makes Poe more human than any other “real” person in Feathers.

I really don’t have any complaints about this comic. It has a great story with great art and rounds out a dramatic plot that anyone could fall in love with.

Score: 4/5

Feathers #6 Writer/Artist: Jorge Corona Colorist: Jen Hickman Publisher: Archaia/BOOM! Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/3/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital