Review: Five Ghosts #8

The original Five Ghosts mini was my favorite mini of last year. Apparently the powers that be at Image agreed in the story's merit as they turned it into an ongoing series that has continued to impress with each issue. This adventure designed in the serialized movie format of the 1940s and 50s follows Fabian Gray who is a legendary relic hunter. Due to an encounter with a mystical artifact called the Dreamstone, Mr. Gray has five literary "ghosts" within him that come out when needed to instill each ghost's specialty trait aiding Gray in his adventures. Add some bad guys, beautiful women, and exotic locales, and you will get a feel for what the story is about. When you include the incredible writing of Frank J. Barbiere and the amazing artistic renderings of Chris Mooneyham, then you will see that Five Ghosts is an action packed epic with unlimited potential remaining here in the infancy of its run. Issue eight continues the “Lost Coastlines” story arc. A professional thief who is an acquaintance of Fabian has given him a treasure map with a location called the "Island of Dreams". Suspecting that this may be a location housing more Dreamstones, Fabian begins building a crew to steal a ship so he can find this mysterious island. This issue follows that building and subsequent theft. A significant threat also is building with the intent to not only cause failure for Fabian, but to also gain vengeance. It's all adding to some high seas action in the coming issues. Full speed ahead.

FiveGhosts08-CoverThe writing of Frank J. Barbiere combined with the art of Chris Mooneyham continues to work in a perfect harmony. These two are made for each other and the proof is in the story. The writing and art are working so well together adding substance to an already great story. In this issue, Fabian uses quite a few of his ghosts and I love how the art generates each character's use. It is an impressive use of framing and it adds to the excitement.

Like any good serial, issue eight leaves the reader hanging as some pretty heavy baddies are looking to give chase to Gray and his band of pirates. I just can't recommend thus title enough. It's intelligent, action packed, and nice time look at. If you are not reading it, then you are missing one of the most interesting titles in the Image stable at this time.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Frank J. Barbiere Artist: Chris Mooneyham Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 1/8/14