Review: Fly #3

Fly #3 Cover DWhen we last left Eddie he was fresh off his ass-whipping from Danielle. Beaten to a pulp and half dead, he makes his way to the streets and takes a cab ride to Francis’ home at Keiser Plaza. Once there, he tells his friend that Danielle has found him. Back in the past or flash back mode. Young Eddie stands in front of Young Francis’ front door. Frantically, Eddie begins to tell him how he has just killed Danielle’s father. Before Eddie completely freaks out, Francis does his best to calm him down before they are interrupted by Francis father; who has returned home early from a business trip. Frances makes some quick fire excesses to his father just before the boys call it a night. On his way out, Francis makes sure Eddie has his head on straight. The next day at school Danielle and Eddie chat and its official, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend! Before class starts Eddie and Francis get on the same page about what happened last night and Francis assures Eddie that he did the right thing.

As the fire still burn at the pier, the Super Human Mystery Man is melting the side of some guys face with the palm of his hand. The Mystery Man “turns up the heat”, as he demands the location of his target. After a few more seconds of pain Greg succumbs and a call is placed to Michael, Francis’ father. Within seconds the Super Human Mystery Man is in Michael’s home slapping him around demanding revenge for the loss of his daughter due to the Fly drug. He promises Michael that once he’s done here, that his son Francis will continue to pay. As the house burns around them Francis shows up just in time to confront his father’s killer.

This is only the third issue of Fly but it is on some sort of roll. How’s that you might ask? Well, it does what every good comic book should do, it keeps getting better and it has the habit of ending on a great cliff hanger. Adding to that, Raven Gregory sprinkles these little “awesome moments” throughout the story. Some examples are when Greg calls Michael and tells him that the Mystery Man is on the way and before the phone is even hung up, Mystery Man walks from out of the shadows, after he flew around the world in mere seconds just to lay down the hurt on Michael. Even when he’s finishing off Michael in a house engulfed in flames, just the way it’s presented is so cool, it just feels refreshing to see this spin on a character with powers like that. Credit also goes to artist Eric J as he adds his talent to help these great images come alive.

There are a lot of different books and titles to choose from every week. Some people take the safe and boring routes and stick to what they know. That’s all well and good but the draw back to that is you’ll miss a fun title like Fly. This book is only on issue three and that is more than enough time to catch up and be a part of a very entertaining story.

Score – 3/5

Writer: Raven Gregory

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment