Review: G.I. Joe: Cobra Files #2

If you are looking for all out action G.I. Joe… this isn’t it. This is more a psychological mind bender with rogue agents and intelligence extraction. I don’t think this is everybody’s cup of tea for the series but definitely something different and worth taking a shot on.  It’s also nice to see someone other than the popular characters highlighted in the series. In Las Vegas at the Joes secret base they have one man captured. Who is he? He is the son of the former Cobra Commander.  As he regains consciousness, he’s startled by Lady Jane’s and Ronin’s presence and their rapid fire interrogation. As they are escorted from the room, Chameleon enters to use her approach. Chameleon is still looking for a challenge for her abilities and she uses her tactics to get one piece of information: the independent ex-military and intelligence contractors the Tiger Team.

CobraFiles_02-pr-1Tomax has his plans to gain and shift power in his favor while working for the Joes. He insults Chameleon in front of Clockwise, playing off of his love for her. It works as Clockwise becomes riled up and spies on her via the security cameras. Little does Clockwise know that Tomax is using him like a pawn on a chess board.  Flint executes his own ideas to use another independent team The Night Creepers to test their skills and he’s in luck as they’ve been spotted finishing a job in New Mexico.

This story isn’t gripping and exciting. The one thing that flows and peaks any interest, is the Night Creepers. It’s that the story isn’t focused on the popular characters; I know Flint and Lady Jane are involved, but they are not the main focus.  Chameleon has her dark past, but definitely knows her craft as it take her hours where it would take others weeks. The art is aesthetically pleasing but nothing jumps at me.

This isn’t like any other Joe books out right now. It’s more about the under belly inside recruitment and intel. The art is the best of the three series I’ve been skimming through, but if you are buying this for your normal Joe you will be disappointed.  I would get this for a difference in story and characters in the Joe universe.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Mike Costa Artist: Antonio Fuso Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/22/13