Review: Gamma (One-Shot)

How can you not just fall in love with this cover? One glance and that is all I needed to fall head over heels with these monsters and clever art. I’m not exactly sure why he is in the Green Power Rangers suit, but I think most kids of the 90’s can agree that they owned the toy where its head would flip from human to helmet of the Power Ranger. So yeah I am already digging this comic. Aside from the amazingly cool cover, Gamma was a fun read. We meet Dusty and Baco. Dusty makes a living off of getting punched for $50 dollars a hit. Baco runs the bar and business end of the deal. People line up in order to get a whack at the guy. Both are making bank off the investment. Dusty spends his nights at the whore house only to come home to an abusive wife. So why would people line up in order to hit a fellow-man?

Well my friends, Dusty seriously fucked some shit up. The world looked to him to save it. Dusty is the best monsters trainer there is, but when the monsters get out of control Dusty leads a full on battle with his own monsters. Needless to say it doesn’t end well for Dusty. He is now coined the world’s coward. People from all over want a piece of his face for various reasons.

Gamma CoverClearly, the whole comic reminds us of Pokémon too. Even Dusty’s best bud, when he was cool, is a Pikachu look-alike. Personally, Sparky is the best character. He is cute and stands with Dusty no matter what. Well until Dusty abandons his team.

Dusty gets a last chance at life when a beautiful woman walks into the bar. She assists some help from the men there but only Dusty volunteers to help the girl out. She thanks him and is ever so grateful for his help she even hugs him in her chest. And let us be honest, who wouldn’t be happy to help this girl out for a little tit hug? This account gives Dusty the hope he needs.

Gamma was a cute story with some funny dialog. It kept me happy till the end. I know these one-shots always turn into other one-shots, so I hope this ends up being the case here. The story is lighthearted and it could only get better with another issue. All the references to old-time action television will sure bring in a crowd of fans for the comic. I look at it as a shout out to the shows that made us obsessed with heroes. Dusty still has more to tell so come on and tell us.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas

Artist: Ulises Farinas

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 7/24/13