Review: Garf #1

Garf is a fun indie comic by Doug Laura and colored by Chris Bell. Any fan of oddball alien adventures will enjoy this title. Garf follows the story of an alien gladiator named Garf who has traded the life of a warrior for the life of a brewer. As a warrior Garf was feared and celebrated by the people of his home world. As a brewer he’s retired from the warrior business and has created a beverage called Garf Drink. No one really likes it. As odd as this world is Garf is a really relatable character. He just wants the simple things in life. Quietly making a living with his family. He wants no part of the fighting that used to drive him. So when a “Fanny Ham” monster wreaks havoc on his village he is pulled back into the fight against his wishes.

Garf #1I had fun reading this book. The artwork is full of odd shape and sizes. Each character is distinctly designed with their own alien style. It is difficult sometimes to distinguish what's going on in certain pages as there is so much action going on in some of them. Sound effects are just as unique as the character designs with special effects like “MONSTER FACE PUNCH!!” and “AXE GRAB!!”

It's a plus that it's an all ages title. As adult I didn’t think it was too goofy to enjoy for more mature readers. These are characters that are fun and comedic with relevant themes. It's something that stands out when so many indie comics try to be taken so seriously. Science fiction is a genre that is best when it can translate to everyday life. Aliens, magic, and intergalactic warfare may not be the topics of our everyday existence but Garf is dealing with issues that we all deal with. We all have responsibilities that prevent us from doing the things we really enjoy. Garf wants to be more than what people expect of him.

Score: 4/5

Garf #1 Writer/Artist: Doug Laura Colorist: Chris Bell Self-published Price: $0.99 Release Date: 5/13/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital