Review: George Perez’s Sirens #1

Man this week has rocked for women in comics! George Perez is back to bring his original all female superhero team. We know him from Teen Titans and Wonder Woman, but now he is finally here to give his fans some more females to rave about. And you know my love for BOOM!, and they don’t get it wrong. So it all seems like the perfect fit not only for me, but for all comic fans. Sirens’ cover gives the illusion that we still spend our days in space, but Perez takes us everywhere. From Vikings to Gladiators to the Wild West school teachers, we jump from place to place and really it feels like a slap in the face. Like Perez is laughing at you for thinking he would only take us to one setting and didn’t have the ability to literally travel through time and make each moment believable and just as entertaining as the last. The art is insane. The colors are raw, the action is intense, and the places come to life with every story.

BOOM_Sirens_001_coverBBut let’s get to the real reason we are here; the girls. We have a bunch of women coming together and Perez spent the bulk of this issue focusing in on these women and the time periods they come from. It is so much fun seeing the character come alive in their own time before being sent to the future once again. Agony seems like a fan-favorite with being a female gladiator defeating big cats with blood sprayed all over her tiny armor. Ammo was definitely my favorite. We see her teaching the students about faith over power when some Wild West gangsters role in. She must take aim and show them why she is known as Ammo. And then there is Fanisha and her dragon, Egrog. She holds the magic of the group and her creepy demeanor gives that perfect mysterious type woman. Each story is exciting and each woman can carry their own. I love being introduced to new superhero groups this way. It lets us see each character in their world and how they work apart because from then on it is a team thing. So settle down to be introduced to all these ladies and their abilities. Pick your favorites now.

At the end of the issue, the girls met up in the future where we finally get the space aspect of this comic. A woman comes back into one of the girl’s life and threatens the girls. Her name is Nadia and we don’t get much more about her. So I am exciting to see her story unfold; the only thing better than a group of female superheroes is a female villain.

The only downfall of this comic was the intense information shoved at the readers. I would suggest reading up on the story before diving in because it has tons of layers that you don’t get just from the comic. I would have loved more time spent on the layers of plot and the understanding of the future. The comic quickly became very wordy, so I think the first issue could have been broken into two and each issue could have introduced some better points on where this universe is. Otherwise, Perez and BOOM! have given us a new comic to rave about. The females are awesome, and the story is going to take us everywhere under the sun. So get some Sirens in your life and get ready for some intensity.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: George Perez Colorist: Leonardo Paciarotti Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/17/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital