Review: Ghost Wolf #1

Legends and myths are born from stories of old. Cultures pass them down from generations to generations. This is one story of a tribe who lost their stories, but there is one who still believes and we'll see how far his beliefs will go. At a time where beast and man spoke the same language, a wolf and a man hunted  each other. They ended up fighting for a day trading blow for blow. Finally the wolf was worse off than the the man so with every last ounce of strength he was about to destroy the wolf... when he couldn’t. Instead he started to care for the wolf bringing him back to health. During this the horrors rose from the shadows. They asked the man to flee and leave the wolf but he didn't. The wolf and the man fought side  by side fighting for their world. In the end it was a victory but not without a cost. The wolf asks the man to take his fur and let his soul become one with the man.  And a legend was born from this.

Our hero hears this story from his grandfather listening intently when they are attacked. A cannibal ravages through the tribe and taking our young hero. The belief in the Ghost Wolf keeps his spirit up. Later the cannibals are attacked and our young hero comes face to face with a legend and myth.

Many years later our hero and his tribe are captured again and rounded up like cattle. As his people are chained and lead to slaughter he keeps the story and legend alive by reciting it over and over.  Many have become wary of the tale as it means nothing.  His whole tribe has been captured for Kerunnos the soul eater aka the leader and of the cannibals.  One of the cannibals over hear the story of the Ghost Wolf and challenges him to save him from a spear. Our hero takes this opportunity to flee comics across the altar of the Ghost Wolf.

AmigoGhostWolf01This is a great story that brings alive a new mythological time. It blends the myths where men and beast are gods and the forgetfulness of the those stories and beliefs. I quite enjoyed it really the second and third time rereading to get the aspect of the whole book. I usually don’t enjoy books with mostly narrative blocks instead of dialogue, but it works because it has the feel of a story being retold to be passed down. You can feel the storyteller's perspective of the story.

I love the art in the prologue, it was great and brings the action off the page. The details make it feels like two gods are going at it. The strength shows through and you can even feel the hair. After that I was a little let down with the art in the main story. Its less detailed and draped heavy in shadows. This may help with the depressed feeling of being downtrodden. It feels the detail were only left for the main panels that only have one or two panels on them.

This is a good book to pick up for the story of a new myth. The art between the prologue and the actual story will let you down a little. But finding a new mini series my be worth it and has me for at least one more.

Score: 3/5

Writer: El Torres Artists: Luis Czerniawski, Siku Publisher: Amigo Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/16/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital