Review: Ghosted #3

Well it looks like it has come to this one simple fact; Ghosted issue three needs to be really good if it’s going to stay on my radar. I know that seems harsh but with so many awesome indie comics out there, let’s just say there is more than enough competition. Jackson and his three-man team are now at Markus Schrecken’s mansion to “borrow” a mask that belonged to Papa Ugonjwa, a voodoo priest. While Jackson small talks with Schreken he learns that some strange things went down on his last botched job. Hence the reason Schreken choose him for this current gig.

Back at the haunted Trask mansion the team returns the mask Rusnak to aid in her contacting the “other side”. As the team starts to get things underway, Jackson roams around the mansion until she runs into a strange lady in a red dress. Soon the apparitions slowly start to revel themselves to the team.

ghosted03_coverFirst off Ghosted isn’t a bad book but it just has a hand full of bits that do not work for me.  I find the pacing to be a little off.  There’s too much of a “whose cooler than who” contest between Jackson and Schreken, both who happen to be a complete bore. The supporting cast could shine but they’re solely described by their jobs than their personalities. So I assume they’ll all fall the way of cannon fodder but that will be fine because you were never given a chance to know them.

The art from Goran Sudzuka is actually the best part of the book. There are pages that make you stop and ingest the whole thing. The parts where Jackson meets the lady in the red dress and discovers his secret are very good-looking panels.

I take the blame for this due to the fact that my expectations were a little too high. I have a bad habit of getting hyped on an idea and sometimes what it is of be something that it’s not or never could be.  If you’re reading and enjoy Ghosted, I think that’s awesome but Ghosted has scared me for the last time.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Goran Sudzuka Colorist: Miroslav Mrva Publisher: Image and Skybound Entertainment Price: $ 2.99 Release Date: 9/11/13