Review: Ghosted #6

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North Put simply, Ghosted is one of the coolest new books out there. Joshua Williamson has taken the last six issues to put together a story that laughs in the face of genre and niche, whose only qualification as to what can be included is, “is it fucking awesome?” the answer, without fail, is a resounding yes.

Ghosted #5 left us on a bit of a cliff hanger. With the Trask mansion and its brigade of devilish ghosts and ghouls far behind our (anti) hero Jackson Winters looked to be flying cool out on a private island somewhere that looked cozy and safe, but as we learn in this issue, safety is only illusion for a man with his fingers in as many unsavory pies as Mr. Winters.

ghosted06_coverSoon after arriving on the island and just after getting comfortable, one of the many bad men who would see Jackson dead or put onto some shady job makes him on a beach. In spectacular fashion, Jackson brains the man sounding the alarm but is just too short to stop the hell from raining down upon him. What follows is a slap-bang story sequence that has us dealing with corrupt Native American businessmen, a new job and—more ghosts.

They great part of it all is the fact that Josh Williamson is willing to completely wipe the slate clear of previous plot and start on something completely new, he’s ballsy and unafraid to mix  up the formula and because of that. Our leading man Jackson Winters goes from another crook turned anti-hero to a character with an intriguing past and a man we can’t wait to learn more about.

Ghosted #6 hits all the right beats. The idea of completely starting over with new plot after five issues is nearly unprecedented and I wouldn’t advise it for lesser storytellers who could mangle plot moving at that speed, however, as he’s proven over the course of six issues, Joshua Williamson is no lesser storyteller. Ghosted #6 twisted and turned me, pumped me up and made me ready for more in spectacular fashion.  This comic book is a blast. It`d be wise to remember the name Josh Williamson in the upcoming months and years, I have the feeling the guy will be around for a while.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Davide Gianfelice Publisher: Image/Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/15/14