Review: Giant Days #8

Susan and Esther are settling into their prospective relationships while Daisy has kept busy binge-watching-- and subsequently reenacting-- Friday Night Lights. Esther’s in serious like with her new man, who has come and gone by the end of the issue. He’s almost not worth mentioning, as he wasn’t much more than a prop, but he gets a shout-out since he provides Esther’s source of conflict. It’s less about him and more about Esther meeting his friends, which doesn’t go well. There isn’t a showdown, which is unusual for Esther, but there is a grand, melodramatic exit, so you have that to look forward to.

Giant-Days-#8-1Daisy’s FNL marathon has led her to take on the roles of both coach and counselor in this issue, which is convenient for her friends who find themselves in need of a pep talk here, a push forward there. She truly dedicates herself to the characters; it’s not uncommon to take on the personality traits of a favorite character, especially coming right off of a tv marathon, but Daisy, as ever, takes it to the next level. I found her giant “Don’t Mess With Texas” poster especially wonderful, and I think Connie Britton would be proud.

Encouraged by Coach Daisy, Ed joins the newspaper in an effort to get over his not-so-secret crush on Esther. Working for the newspaper will give him something to do besides pine, and it could certainly lead to shenanigans down the road, so it’s a win-win.

There was a heavy focus on relationships in this one, except for Daisy, who is due for some relationship drama of her own. Susan and McGraw have transitioned from a bizarre rivalry to a Susan-and-McGraw situation with ease, but I’m eager for some bumps in the road.

Once again, Giant Days provides a fun read filled with drama, theatrical moments, and lots-- lots!-- of snow. I agree whole-heartedly with Susan as she insists on avoiding winter weather. Her pitiful slide down that snowy hill is, unfortunately, all-too familiar.

As melodramatic as the characters are, the situations are utterly ordinary and relatable. Esther’s feelings of inadequacy when meeting her boyfriend’s friends is shared by many, sometimes justified and sometimes not. Susan’s avoidant attitude toward winter is common. Daisy’s over-the-top attachment to a television program? Way too real. Ed’s unrequited crush is a tale as old as time. And McGraw’s valve talk... okay, that one might just be him. (For God’s sake, don’t get him started!) But overall, the characters in Giant Days face situations and feel in ways that mirror our own experiences and feelings. The difference lies in how we deal with them. While most of the issues are entirely common, the characters’ uncommon methods of coping are what makes Giant Days so darn delightful.

Score: 4/5

Giant Days #8 Writer: John Allison Artist: Max Sarin Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital