Review: Godzilla: Half Century War (TPB)

Do you like Godzilla? Stupid question. We all love Godzilla. I bought my first Godzilla toy right before the Matthew Broderick version came out. It was about 5 inches and its eyes lit up red. Awesome toy. I took it to the movie with me. I destroyed so many military bases, Barbie houses, and Lego forts with this guy. It is crazy. This comic takes us through the war with Godzilla. Yoshihara, Japanese solider, is our main character. Always with his sidekick, Kentaro, they go from year to year, town to town fighting off this monster. Recruited by Colonel Schooler to work for the A.M.F., Anti Megalosaurus Force. He obviously starts in Japan with the first Godzilla invasion, then Vietnam, Ghana, Bombay, and so on.

Each mission consists of destroying the creature or at least veering it away from civilians. The comic has lots of action. If you want to see a monster destroy a lot of shit then get this comic. My favorite place he went was Vietnam. We see Yoshihara older and more badass. His hair is grown on and he is a rebel. The monster is on the loose again and once they tract what Godzilla is going after they are all astonished. He is going after another monster looking like an Ankylosaurus. The two monster battle it out which is pretty sweet because clubbed tails are being flung around while radiation is being spewed out of Godzilla. Those are the best fights.

Godz-HCW-pr-1The team splits the two monsters up and eventually gets Godzilla on track away from the town’s people. The crew realizes that it isn’t just them against one monster but them against a wave of creatures. While in Vietnam though, Dr. Deberich worked on a psionic transmitter. The team realizes that this transmitter woke up all the monsters across the world which was the Doctor’s plan all along. Now A.M.F. is trying to fight all this monsters at once. Yoshihara thinks that if his team can somehow find the transmitter that the beasts will all go back to where they came from. In the meantime, the crew will try to find the Doctor to kill him as well. Once the crew locates the transmitter source they find inside a surprise. It is the Doctor. His plan has an even bigger purpose.

Yoshihara and his crew grow old still chasing Godzilla and the Doctor. He contemplates spending his whole life on this one mission, thinking about how he doesn’t have a life outside of this chaos. We jump to the end of the comic and A.M.F. has a trick to use against the monsters. One I hadn’t thought of.

Godzilla’s half century war is an action packed comic with lots and lots of monsters; giant bugs, snakes, dragons, everything. The story reminds me of Captain Ahab and his hunt for Moby Dick. The story follows our main character and all the monsters he faces but mostly Godzilla. The art is a definite throw-back. I like this style and the coloring adds to the scene as well. It is mostly lost of pinks, reds, oranges, and black. This shows the sky looking like dusk a lot. Also, since there are so many explosions going off it is how I would picture the city. Anyway, I love Godzilla and could watch him destroy stuff all day long, whether my Barbie houses or cities in a comic. He is always a classic.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist: James Stokoe Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $19.99 Release Date: 5/22/13