Review: Godzilla: Ruler of the Earth #2

The Good: The issue starts with Godzilla fighting against another monster.  Also, scribe Chris Mowry balanced the action cleverly between small pockets of exposition and big monster fights.  Last thing, Steven Woods makes his return to the Godzilla books.  Such continuity recognition is unlike an IDW book, but I recognize it an applaud it. Godz_RoE_02-prThe Bad: Zilla is the big opposing monster for the run of this issue.  That’s a weak choice to start a series off with, but it will have to do.  Additionally, the impending alien plotline villains have poor illustrations.

This is the Godzilla comic book formula I have been waiting for.  I have been critical of this and other series in the past, and, conversely, I will award praise when the comic is executed correctly.  Therefore, I rate this book high.  Here is a great Godzilla comic that delivers action and story in the best possible format in regards to the source.  And, yes, Godzilla appears on the very first page.  That’s right, the title character shows up in the book—and at the start.

Please continue on this advancement and don’t retrograde from it, IDW.


Score: 4/5

Writer: Chris Mowry

Artist: Matt Frank

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 8/7/13