Review: Godzilla Rulers of Earth #18

GODZILLA_ROE_18_cvrLucy and crew investigate a huge crater unearthed in Brazil.  From it are taken glowing rocks that turn out to be something sinister.  When Megaguirus spawn emerge from the forests, Lucy and her friends are forced to flee.  Unfortunately, they run right into Godzilla and Ebirah battling in the water.  When the full-sized version of Megaguirus pops up, a three-way battle for supremacy ensues.  Off the coast, Mothra larvae swim towards shore.  With Godzilla in peril and more kaiju coming to fight, the next issue should burst with giant monster carnage. Matt Frank delivers two issues worth of illustrations in this action-packed book.  His depictions of searing blasts sear the pages with electric blue bursts of radioactive breath.  Additionally, the way he makes Megaguirus manhandle Godzilla will leave you wondering if Godzilla has a chance against such a foe.

With Godzilla squaring off Ebirah in the water and Megaguirus from the skies, the threat level doubles.  Last issue the battle went space side, so readers cannot say that the book doesn’t explore every possible setting with its kaiju.  Although the Cryog ship seems to have exploded, those sneaky aliens may not be done.  Plenty of dangers slowly make their way towards Godzilla, and the fights that will come of that confluence of monsters will be catastrophic.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Chris Mowry Artist: Matt Frank Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/26/14 Format: Ongoing; Digital/Print