Review: Goon #42

Tommy Chandler got a wiry frame for a boxer.  Sullivan approached Chandler when during a workout and promises the runt a victory.  In the Goon-iverse that could only mean dark forces will play a part in that win. Various supernatural entities plague the Goon and warn him, “They are coming.”  Goon responds with his mitts. Prior to the fight Chandler drinks a potion that makes him a beast and wins him the match.  Having lost money on the fight, Goon takes down Chandler and Sullivan.  Sullivan reveals that Mr. Corpus was behind the whole deal.

When Goon confronts the magician, Corpus reveals that he sent the warnings because something more sinister and powerful is gunning for old Goon. The black and white back up story continues with the bog monster attacking Goon and Frankie and a robot monster that intercedes.

The Goon #42If you see the cover of this book and aren’t compelled to purchase it, then you should not be a comic book fan.  The image of Goon aiming on you looks so badass that it actually equates with how awesome the rest of the comic book is.

Although not as involved as some of the previous issues such as Goon’s mom’s story or the satire of the contemporary comic book industry, this issue still delivers on monsters, comedy, and fun.

The twists from this plot remind me of the build up to a great battle.  Powell has not dropped once in his excellent deliver with this book, so I know that will be one hell of a fight. Every month this book is a must read.

Score: 5/5

Story: Eric Powell and Tom Sniegoski Back up story by Powell and Mark Buckingham Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 9/26/12