Review: Gotham 1.15 - The Scarecrow

I got round to watching this weeks Gotham a little late. I'm gonna have to tackle this review by doing a  mini-review of each storyline, seeing as the show refuses to focus itself. James Gordan and the adrenal gland thief:

Following on from last week, Detective Gordon continues to track down daddy Scarecrow. Crane's motive is to cure fear by extracting adrenal glands, mash them in a garlic press and then inject the funky cocktail into himself (there might of been some other stuff but it was less than scientific). If he's going to inject the adrenal-cocktail into himself surely he would want people who didn't get scared (then again he is fruit-loops).

This story plays out fairly predictably. The fear-curing experiment gets interrupted and Crane Sr injects all of the 'protocol' into his son. Which obviously messes him up and puts him into a permanent state of fear. He latches onto the first thing he sees which is the scarecrow they've conveniently stopped by. Just as well he didn't treat him in the kitchen otherwise batman’s future villain might of been 'The Toaster'.

In a ridiculous shoot out Crane Sr claims he has no fear of being shot and walks out in the open. he also has no fear of running out of bullets. I get the whole I'm not afraid of bullets thing, but shouldn't he still understand that bullets kill and I assume he doesn't want to die (otherwise what's the point in curing yourself). Also why don't Gordon or Bullock shoot him in the leg, seemed a little excessive. Then again this is Gotham and all the police are corrupt so I guess they won't care.


Fish becomes queen of a shitty prison:

After last weeks Injustice Clash with a pirate, Fish wakes up in a random prison. The prison is run by the one guy with a knife (not the biggest or strongest, because he never sleeps and drops the knife). Fish seduces him with nicknames, steals the knife and then kills him. She then claims she's in charge, yeah cos holding a knife and saying it makes it so. Then some woman gets thrown back into the prison with her eyes taken out, it's just as well she tells us 'they took my eyes', god forbid the audience use their own eyes to see that.

Bruce Wayne's solo trip:

Bruce has decided to go on a hike that he and his father used to go on. He decides he will go alone, which Alfred allows, seems ever so slightly irresponsible. Bruce gets to the end of the trail and places a rock on a pile marked with BW, then sweetly places a rock on his father's TW pile. He then ruins the tender moment and has a hissy fit throwing away all his fathers rocks. I know kids are dicks, and he lost his dad so he's angry, but how does this endear us to baby batman?

After his temper tantrum he loses his footing, falls down a hill and hurts his leg. After laying there, for what must be the whole day (he set out in the morning when we come back to him it's night), he finds a branch and uses a strap from his bag to tie it to his leg (this is to show us how resourceful he is, right?). Alfred realizes maybe he made a mistake and tracks him down. He finds him but lets him crawl up the hill without helping (I actually quite liked that).

Gotham - Episode 1.15 - The Scarecrow - Promotional Photos

Penguin gets a club:

Falcone Shmoozes Maroni into not killing the penguin. He also gives the club to the penguin and tells him to redecorate it so that it can make money, because with 'money comes power'. That club never seemed to be filled when fish ran it so how much money did it really make. The penguin re-brands the club as 'Oswalds' and fills it with punks. Don't really understand that, nor do I understand the clubs logo of an umbrella. Yeah I know it's his signature from the comics but the show has in no way layered in his love for umbrellas. if anything he should hate them as he was the bitch-boy made to carry one for Fish.

The best thing this episode was when Penguin goes to the GCPD to give James Gordon an invitation (It seems less like he's trying to use Gordon and more like he's infatuated with him) and meets Edward Nigma. Their interaction was pretty good, I liked how they both try to intimidate each other.

Again the show is not amazing but there's enough happening in every episode to make the ADD audience feel good.

Score: 2/5