Review: Gotham 1.19 - Beasts of Prey

Well Gotham came back with a bit of a whimper. It took me a while to get round to watching it (sorry). Here is a run down of some of the story-lines involved. Gordon

Gordon is tracking down a weirdo that is capturing and killing women. It's pretty creepy the more we see of this guy who forces women to be his idea of a perfect girlfriend (wife? Mother?).  They eventually find out that he is a serial killer nicknamed the Ogre.

There's a pretty on the nose scene where a girl comes up to 'the Ogre' and calls him moderately attractive. I guess the writers see this as clever foreshadowing, but it just seems to devalue the payoff.

Extra points for the super gravelly voice this episode. I wonder how many cough sweets McKenzie has on set. It seems like talking that way would tear your throat up.



Bruce Wayne

Bruce is tracking down Reggie, who is sleeping in a building with a bunch of homeless people. He gives a lot of information because he's worried about losing his bottle of medicine. Seems like he should of negotiated for better pay from his last job. Selina Kyle pushes him out of a window because Batman can't kill.


Fish is still trying to escape the Doll Maker. She gets caught trying to escape then goes back with a plan to take a boat that can only take six people. When confronted about taking a helicopter she asks if anyone can fly, "No? that's why", because she knows everyone so well.

One thing that was really nice was that she finally calls him "Doll Maker" instead of DolMacker (that's how it sounds to me when they say it).

The Misdirection is very easy to spot. Very strange that she would leave the Doll Maker alive.




The penguin is off trying to be a mob boss.  He is trying to obtain a bar. Which he does by ordering the owners daughter's husbands fingers cut off, which was pretty cool. He wants the bar because he's going to kill Maroni there.

I really liked the Ogre stuff, Milo Ventimiglia is really good at putting out that creepy vibe.

Score: 3/5

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