Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #85 - Unleashed #2

Unleashed is one of those comics that I can’t put a finger on why I like it. It doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary, but I can’t stop reading it. Although it does hold tons of fight scenes and good ones too. The action really comes to life and I can see the movement within the 2D. There is actual forcefulness in their faces and not just human faces with an expression they make while they pooh. So props to the team for that one. We left last issue with us meeting Belinda and the start of this issue gets right into her back story. I flipped to the end of this comic because sometimes I just do those sorts of things. Sometimes I get lucky when doing it to. This was one of those issues. The last panel was of this badass team ready for battle. Ok I hope I didn’t ruin this comic for you, but since I took the privilege to flip to the end I thought I could reveal it to you. It got me all pumped to see what the issue had in store. I can’t help but get excited when in movies or comics there is the scene where they put the team together. I get that is overdone but every time it sets up to be sweet, so I don’t care. Like in Three Ninjas when they all get their masks and names. Oh man at that point I was so ready to make my own Tum-Tum mask and eat lots of rope candy.

GFT85_UNLEASHED2_coverAAnyway, Belinda tells us of how she died and came back to life. She doesn’t know why or how but a siphon stick thing helped her to achieve her goal. She is nervous to enter the world again though for all the people she has wronged. Sela helps her to realize that they need her help and she is key in their success. Again, I cannot say it enough but Sela’s glasses are so out-of-place but so freakin’ cool at the same time. What great warrior needs prescription glasses…none, but it makes geeks everywhere feel included.

Sela decides to build a team to discover the whereabouts of the Being and also to fight his sorry ass back into closing the Shadowlands. The being also holds something very dear to Sela, one of her good friends, Shang. The Being has kept him alive for some purpose. He even tells Shang that he gave him new life after Shang’s death. This makes me believe that the Being gave Belinda her life back.

After Sela puts her team together they find Samira’s hideout that the Being gave to her as a gift. It is an all out battle between them and Samira’s vampires. Like I said before it is a sweet battle and shows how well the team works together. Not to say that some of them may be crazy or leave the group when the going gets tough. The team so far seems pretty cool and I like where the comic is headed. Looks likes there are many battles to come.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand Artist: Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/29/13