Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #3

For some reason, this issue of the series came just two weeks after its predecessor.  The story feels like it was written in that two weeks’ time.  The overall effort of the issue proves weak, devoid of surprise, and a real stumble for a book that had a great sophomore chapter. College co-ed Darlene Levy gets the ultimatum from her creepy male teacher who harasses her.  After an encounter with the woman with the scarlet hair that instigates the stories, the action shifts to two roommates, one extrovert and the other introvert, who run mayhem and death.

GFT_TOT_03_coverCThe ending has the customary twist—albeit this one lacks the supernatural swing that makes books like this fun.  A few red herrings add to some development, yet none of them are fulfilling.

The chapter concludes with Darlene and the teacher.  This time, the professor gets his comeuppance for his lecherous ways.

The inconsistency of execution for this series is maddening.  With this latest issues miserable failure of execution, I realize that the potential for this book to be a critical hit will never come to pass.

While the artwork works well—no, the art is actually pretty great—the story in this issue abandons the supernatural, once again suffers from the double tale introduced at the onset of the story, and contains only the most minimal horror/shock.

I cannot go into detail more about the story without unfairly revealing plot elements that may spoil the ending for readers.  Therefore, I will hope my word would be enough to deter readers from spending money on a failure of a book that does not tantalize nor frightens, as its intent ought to be.

Score: 1/5

Writer: Meredith Finch Artist: Milton Estevam Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/17/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital