Review: Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #2

Boobs, bullets, and bees.  This comic has all three in great proportions.  If the title doesn’t reveal the tone, then I will bluntly hit you with it.  The book doesn’t take itself seriously.  And that’s why this comic is so damned fun. Deputy Garcia takes on the horde of women altered by Martian honey.  Those insect/human hybrid monsters want to take over the earth and add the every man’s head to their pyramid of decapitated noggins.

Fortunately for Earth, Garcia and her fittingly descriptive tattoos stand in the way of that happening.

Grindhouse #2 CoverAlex De Campi does continues the in-your-face action that made the inaugural issue so good.  This isn’t a character driven book; Grindhouse is a plot driven comic.  And I assure you, the plot is so wonderfully oddball that you will happily turn page after page to see what comes off and what blows up in this overtly exploitative series.

I can’t wait for issue three: “Prison Ship Antares.”  The title alone piques my curiosity due to the potential of this creative team and such an interesting premise.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Alex De Campi Artist: Chris Peterson Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/6/13