Review: Hacktivist #1 (of 4)

Edwin Hiccox and Nate Graft are billionaires due to their social network company.  Not satisfied with just making an impact in the corporate world, the duo use their technology to effect change in the overall world. The issue starts off with the two men initiating a revolution in Tunisia by using their systems to commandeer the country’s internet and open up free communications.  As great an act as this may seem, Graft and Hiccox aren’t satisfied.  They wish to continue altering the political climates through their company in an altruistic and somewhat godlike manner.

The characterization of the two protagonists is cleverly built.  Yes, the thirty-year-olds are geniuses.  And like most geniuses, the two have eccentricities.  Hiccox enjoys calculating patterns of events in the world around him.  Graft, on the other hand, finds satisfaction in being a socialite.

Hacktivist_001_rev_Page_1Despite the grand party he throws, Graft gives the sense that he is somewhat alone--despite having throngs of partygoers around him.  When a lovely redhead approaches Graft on the balcony of the building, she makes him quite an offer.

Hacktivist is savvy, smart, and riveting.  I was compelled to turn each page because the plot provided a relatively believable scenario with characters that never felt cartoonish or absurd.  Instead, the writing team incorporated excellent use of technology and possibilities that fueled an intriguing story.  Additionally, Marcus To incorporated electronic based text such as Reddit articles, pixelated text, and word-number hybrid text.  Such an infusion made for a comic that looked great and also reflected the source material.

This comic is entertaining and socially relevant.  Any person enthralled by social media will find Hacktivist a smart book that delivers great storytelling through interesting characters and relevant social criticism.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly Artist: Marcus To Publisher: Boom Studios/ Archaia - Black Label Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/22/14