Review: Hacktivist #4 (of 4)

Ed sends out the video of Beya’s death to any device in Tunisia that can replay it.  As a result, the country unites and stands up to the militia while a new feeling of revolution overpowers the citizens. As an aside, Ed hacks Tunisia’s satellite network; however, he garners the attention of Agent Ori.   The agent orders a drone strike to take down Ed, but his friend Nate won’t allow anything to happen to the prodigy and liberator.

The climax involves complete disclosure, and one hero will possibly be dead while another will remained imprisoned.

The last issue provides an optimistic view of the ability of hackers to liberate citizens from technocratic regimes.  However, the book seems to think that pure information will be enough to radically effect change.  While that does seem great for the pages of a comic, the real world’s indifference won’t care so much as to the dealings of the political machines so long as some useless entertainment keeps the masses sedated.

Hacktivist_004_coverDespite that, the four issue series ends on a positive note that completes the series with a simple, ramification-free answer to the political intrigue that fueled the previous three issues.

My main gripes are that Nate and Ed seem somewhat infallible with their hacks, and that all the response to their information disclosures magically fixes everything.  Sure, plotlines are left open for possible sequels, but not possible speculation.  I don’t recall much from this final issue, but I can remember key points from 1-3.  Because I feel the ending to be to easily remedied, I don’t value this last issue as well as the previous three.

This has been a great comic with plenty of character and plot, but the ending does not deliver on the same caliber as its predecessors.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly Artist: Marcus To Publisher: Boom/Archaia Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/30/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital