Review: Headspace #2

There are a lot of great reasons to pick up this next installment of Headspace. The first reason is that it is not too late to get into this fascinating comic. The premise; Shane gets thrown into a serial killer’s head and now is trying to get himself out. Yeah it is that awesome. I loved issue #1 and looked forward to seeing how #2 came up with the pace. I have to admit that the comic was a quick read. It doesn’t go into huge detail in giving us multiple stories at once. We pretty much focus on the main point involving Shane’s son. In saying that, I wasn’t less entertained, but more anxious to see it unfold. Shane seems like a simple man, but I have a feeling that he has tons of backstory to offer. Whether it involves the stories about his wife and child being dead or not, he is a strong lead to bring into this type of genre. But speaking of his son, the comic opens with a flood like sequence that was awesome. The art was creepy and flooded with emotion(totally a pun btw).Having a flood scene always represents a lot for me. You have the clearing of the mind idea, the flooded of ideas to the mind, and the saving the people from their sins idea. I am sure there are more, but I really think that Headspace allowed for all of those allegories to intertwine with this scene. Shane has gone through a lot and blaming himself for how things ended with his son will be a challenge for him. Brian Waves even talks about some of this struggle between parents and children at the end of this comic. A lot of times I will be honest and skim or even skip the author’s note or extra information. I know it is a bad habit. Sometimes I do this because I want to think about how I interrupting comic instead of they intended it, so it has its good reasons too. But don’t skip this one from Waves. The insight is creditable and helps the reader see all that parents do.

Headspace_02-1Now we don’t get anything from Max this issue, but I am curious to see where this guy is at. I don’t know if we will backtrack on his life, move forward, or both. All could give some interesting plot. We get introduced to a new guy that gives us lots of reveals about Carpenter Cove. What a place? Monsters are at every corner, and Shane must serve a big purpose in this dude’s mind or else he would be dead by now. That is another thing we don’t really know about Max; What is his MO? Probably the biggest question I want to know about Max is who he has killed.

Headspace gave us exactly what we wanted from #2. I thought I gave too much praise to #1, but after the reading, I can’t wait to see where we go again with #3. Our plot moves smoothly with Shane, the art pops with its deep colors, and the story takes you on a journey through the mind. My head is telling me we'll be exploring Shane’s mind more than our actual host though!

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay Artist: Eric Zawadzki Publisher: MonkeyBrain Comics Price: $0.99 Release Date: 4/9/14 Format: Ongoing – Digital