Review: Headspace #3

Shit just got real! Headspace came out swinging and has jabbed me, hooked me, uppercut me, and even sucker punched me… a couple of times. The whole story feels like a boxing match. You get hit, and it takes a second for your mind to refocus. You get a handle on the comic, but then it comes back for explosive blows. Headspace is my Ivan Drago. I can really see a lot of people enjoying this comic, and how the plot is just thrown at you. Ryan K Lindsay gives the reader a lot to work with, and somehow manages to not make it discouraging...well at least not too discouraging.  I love the games it plays. I really just love Shane. He is everything a person should be. He has this story that you can’t understand but you want to buy him a beer and hear all about it. Of course it will probably be tragic, but Shane doesn’t let life problem’s stop him. The comic has created such a strong lead. I really wish more time was spent on Shane and his past. Even with him being the main character, we still don’t get all his insights. It would be interesting to see what makes Shane so cool.

Headspace_03-1 copy 2The comic starts in an unusual place beginning with Max’s story first. It took me by surprise, although we haven’t seen much of this serial killer so far. His story is intense. He is getting ready for a test. Although I am not quite sure what test he is going through. Or I guess the real question is how does he pass? The comic asks the readers to do a lot of thinking in this issue. Especially with Max. Again, Max is preparing himself for a test. He needs to do one last thing though before he begins. And not surprisingly it has to do with a girl. It always does. And this girl has got it good for Max, again not surprising since serial killers have some sort of sick hold on people. Max has a lot to tell the readers and the slow way the comic is showing us his story builds up the anticipation in everyone.

Shane, meanwhile, is with his new acquaintance. This dude seems to run the whole shabang of things in Max’s mind. And while Shane is getting answers, the readers are too. I wouldn’t exactly tell anyone to jump onto this series right now, but this issue is a definite an eye opener to some things. But like I said, you have got to start from the beginning in order to fully grasp and be fully entertained with the story.

The comic, page-wise, is short, but it is packed with a lot of value. The plot is truly getting more and more complicated, but at least questions are being half answered. Headspace is a lot to take in, and I think as more issues come out, the complexity will grow as well. So if you don’t mind getting tossed in the ring and knocked around a few times, then by all means jump into this comic. You will not regret it. My only hope is that after a few matches, my Rocky will come out and I won’t feel so defeated.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay Artist: Eric Zawadzki, Sebastian Piriz Publisher: MonkeyBrain Comics Price: $0.99 Release Date: 6/11/14 Format: Digital