Review: Headspace #7

Everything comes to a head in this newest installment with Headspace. It definitely felt like the comic was taking us on an intensity trip through Carpenter Cove with our last issue. Then when we end up on the other side of things, my head started to hurt as well. This comic is emotional. Flat out. I think what Ryan K. Lindsay does so beautifully is involve the audience on an emotional level. You would think that being trapped inside a serial killer’s mind with crazy dog humanoids and huge monsters coming to attack you that "emotional" wouldn’t be on the tip of your tongue, but man it is... at all moments. Again, Shane’s story is just so sad that when he comes back to reality, well our reality, he is persistent on doing the right thing. Lindsay gave Shane those qualities that all humans wish they could possess. When I say Shane is literally the definition of doing what is right, I can say it with 100% truth. You may think that following a righteous dude would be boring, but in fact it is the perfect character for Carpenter Cove. With all the shit swirling around him, it is nice to see someone who cares... and at the same time makes you feel like a failure!

Headspace-#7Last issue’s ending was pretty dramatic, and I am trying not to give too much away for those of you lagging behind in reading this series. But I don’t think I fully understood what happened to Shane in the end but more importantly, I didn’t know what Shane was going to do at the end. Headspace #7 doesn’t jump forward a bit, so we get to see Shane’s mind set right after the incident. His decision is brave and is even questioned by the author at the end of the issue. I think Shane, again, just has good morals. I also think it may be something more. I’m not trying to get all Inception here, but who’s to say what reality really is. I don’t think Shane is confused, but I do think he is on another level. I am sure we will soon find out just what level that is.

The art is again solid in this issue. We don’t get as much crazy shit like we usually do since the location of Shane but it is damn solid. I love the switched scenes with memories. Not only can you deal by the character’s look, but really the whole drawing becomes something different. The way it bounces around really captures the readers’ eyes. But I think my personal favorite with #7 is the sea of red. I really hope that these artist get recognized for the apparent red splashes and even the subtle red moments. It makes for great visual analyzes.

All in all, it is kind of hard to say something negative about Headspace when I really have been hooked from beginning to now. Headspace #7 has really come to a tipping point. It is in my favorite part of any narrative, the falling action. Now it is time to watch Shane fall but it will be oh so sweet when he gets back up. I still can’t believe how much story is packed into one issue. With comics being so expensive and really not getting your money’s worth, it is easy to say that Headspace is worth the 99 cents.

Score: 4/5

Headspace #7 Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay Artist: Eric Zawadzki & Sebastian Piriz Colorist: Eric Zawadzki, Marissa Louise, & Dee Cunniffe Publisher: MonkeyBrain Comics Price: $0.99 Release Date: 3/11/15 Format: Ongoing; Digital