Review: Headspace #8

I had to hold back with last week’s review. The comic revealed a lot and I didn’t want to give anything away (at least tried my best not to), so I will be spoiling issue #7 here. If you haven’t read it, then hurry the hell up because dude you are missing out. Readers were blown away with Headspace #7 and for good reason. Shane coming back to reality was huge on us all. This seemed like it was all over then. Shane could go back to his life and move on. But what Shane realizes very quickly is that he still has to take care of Max. It isn’t enough that Shane lived in Carpenter Cove for a good chunk of time or that he was a part of some weird experiment. No. Shane knows the biggest impact on his life was losing his son and to see someone else go through that pain with Max still doing his thing, Shane can’t bare that. So against all better judgement, even the readers’, Shane goes back.

Headspace-#8Ryan K. Lindsay picks up right where we left off. He knows how to put his readers on edge, that’s for sure. Then if Shane’s story isn’t hanging off a cliff already we then jump to Max with Zara and her kids. So this just isn’t looking good. We don’t spend much time here because Shane’s story will pretty much define Max’s. Everything seems to slow down in the panels after that. I give this credit to Eric Zawadzki for capturing all the right moves. There is a fist fight, a pretty brutal one, and each motion is elevated. The background has these lines coming across that accentuate the punches. It is awesome to see. But my favorite is right after that when Zawadzki captures each move in this larger splash page. So your eyes fade into the movements, again giving it this great slow down effect.

Oh and let’s just take a second to comment on Shane’s new look. Loving the bread and hair, it really adds to his damaged hero persona. All of Zawadzki’s art is amazing in this issue. The way he captures Carpenter Cove truly displays his talents. And not to ruin the end, but the breaking away of land into the vortex was beautiful. Especially seeing who was standing right there with it.

This is one of those comics you just want to read over and over again. The story is so complex but the goal is simple. Shane is that angel on your shoulder telling you do what is right. Shit he is probably better than that guy even. That is where the real power of this comic comes into full view. Shane is your rock and although at moments he takes you some dark times, he lifts you back up. I always found myself on an emotional ride with Shane and Shane’s son. You couldn’t help get connect to these two. Headspace #8 just exemplifies all of these great qualities about the comic. Readers will love this story and how it all comes together. We have loved it from the beginning, but the end makes it all that much better.

Score: 5/5

Headspace #8 Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay Artist: Eric Zawadzki & Sebastian Piriz Colorist: Eric Zawadzki, Marissa Louise, & Dee Cunniffe Publisher: Monkeybrain Comics Price: $0.99 Format: Digital