Review: Heart #1

The story begins with Oren "Rooster' Redmond in a MMA match. It looks like he may get pinned within the first minute, but he ends up winning. Later he ends up alone in the locker room two hundred dollars richer and the owner of a free t shirt, but has he won? The story moves on how he got into MMA because of his brother. "Rooster" was just a desk jockey scrapping by feeling like a total loser. The gym owner of Monster MMA invited him to train and he was destroyed on his first day, but he kept coming back and training hard. He gets to a point where he is a lot better and ends up in his first fight. When I started reading I felt great, a comic about MMA trying reach a fan base that usually dogs on us comic kids. I was starting to expect a character of a total tool and "broseph" mentality, but later as I read I was wondering was this going to be just an MMA story? The story is rather a story about Oren trying to find himself and not feel empty. The black and white gritty art goes very well with the story. It captures the emotion of the characters and the feel of the scenes of the arena, office and gym. There is one thing I question is "Rooster's" fangs and why they might be highlighted in the beginning? I guess we'll have to wait till the second issue to find out.


Score: 3/5

Writer: Blair Butler Artist: Kevin Mellon Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99