Review: Hero Cats of Stellar City #1

Duh, of course this book was made for me. I think a lot of people are stick of the common comic book hero story. It has been told in so many lights, but I am unlike the ordinary. I love these crime fighters, I love them fighting in the city, I love their backstories, and I love that superheroes can never get old to me. That is how I got into comics, and that will be why I always stay with comics. So with Hero Cats, it was inevitable that I would adore every second of it. Action Lab made a great choice when picking these fancy felines up to create a bigger fan base for these Heroes of Stellar City. What appeals to the reader already is the fact that it is a group of cats and not just one cat. It allows for kids, and let’s face it adults, to pick their favorite cat to follow. Even more so than the superhero story, the group superhero story can go far beyond a singular hero. So I am excited to see who will turn out to be everyone’s favorite hero and how each individual will change and grow. But I am jumping ahead. Let’s meet some of our cats.

Herocats_01-1Our story starts with Cassiopeia. She is a queen in her own right. And although she fully doesn’t understand what her owners are doing, she knows exactly what she is doing. I would consider her the leader of the group even though she doesn’t consider herself the leader. Cassiopeia is like Leonardo, maybe he/she won’t be your favorite cat but you can never really diss them. She narrators the comic until we meet another cat who takes the lead. These cats are living in a world where people don’t know they talk so it takes the narrative element to a whole new level. Most of the comic is in thought, and wouldn’t we like to know what every cat is thinking... especially a crime fighting one. My favorite cat, as of now, is Rocket. Thinking he is from outer space, this cat is one weird dude. But believe me, there is a cat in here for every personality.

The art of Hero Cats is perfect too. It is cute and sweet which will attract the eye of all. I love how Cassiopeia is drawn, so lady-like. But all the cats have their own personality and their fur/size match up to that as well. It will be nice to see when the group heads out a real mission, but for now Cassiopeia is watching over two very special people. They have recently lost their mother and wife, so the cat’s heroic days have been spent saving this family. It is cool how the cats do little acts of kindness, but I am sure once the comic grows we can see them get into some pretty heavy situations.

Hero Cats is exactly the comic you need to wind down for the day. It is cute and calming and will bring in all types of fans. And don’t forget to read the additional story called “Dawn of a Hero.” It explains more of just who really are the owners of Cassiopeia. You don’t want to miss the building of our latest superhero town; Stellar City. So buckle down and get on board with these cats and a few humans that save the day too!

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kyle Puttkammer Artist: Marcus Williams Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/27/14 Format: Digital/Print