Review: Hero Cats of Stellar City #3

So around Christmas, I always think it is important to buy comics! Buy comics for yourself, but especially for other people. I like to try and get one gift for someone a graphic novel or comic. This gets them started on the right foot for the New Year. My pick this holiday season is Hero Cats. Kids will love this comic and immediately fall in love with their cat from Stellar City. Let me give you a little background. Hero Cats just got picked up by Action Lab to run as a new comic series. So far, I have loved every second of it. The main cat in our story is Cassiopeia. She is owned by Galaxy Man, a separate and just as interesting comic that we get highlights from at the end of each issue. Cassiopeia recently joined forces with other cats to save Stellar City from a world of crime. You can read issue #1 to get to know all these felines, but for me my favorite is Rocket. He is the crazy one, which I wish I could say this doesn’t reflect on my own cats but sadly it does.

Herocats_03-1So Cassie needs to get trained since she joined the force so early on. Ace sees something in Cassie that I don’t think the other cats see. But the readers certainly see it. Cassie is brave and her whole family are superheroes, so why wouldn’t she want to join in the family business?

At first, Ace is tough on her. She has to go through lots of courses. The best is when she battles the robot that Rocket owns. I don’t get to see many cats running around on the humans’ playground, so it was fun. Of course Marcus Williams captures the movements of cats well. Even though they aren’t in usual cat areas, I never question what each cat is doing. I especially just love how Williams gives each cat their own personality through their looks and facial expressions. When Cassie is hanging on the monkey bars hopeless of ever getting down, I love seeing her face and knowing exactly how her character would react.

With the all action in this issue, you would think the story is only of the training, but actually we get a lot more than that. We get a heartwarming story about loss. I don’t want to give away too much, but Cassie, although being tough, wins over Ace with her compassion. All readers can enjoy a cute story like this. What better thing to give than a comic to a kid for X-mas? Nothing!

Score: 5/5

Writer/Creator: Kyle Puttkammer Artist: Marcus Williams Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/10/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital