Review: Hero Cats of Stellar City #4

Aw! This has to be the most fun I have in Stellar City yet. This issue didn’t miss a beat with its high-powered action, unusual setting, and of course, the best superhero cat team ever. With a team of superheros, you deliver lots of back stories with lots of little missions in between. Kyle Puttkammer does this well. we don’t just get a strictly action comic or a strictly characterization comic, but instead we get the best of both worlds. The story always flow nicely together even when the two are unrelated. Hero Cats of Stellar City #4I have found that each issue usually revolves around a theme and this week is "secret underworld." It’s perfect. (Although I can’t wait till we go to space to see where Rocket is really from. I love that cat!) So they must enter into the underlyings of Stellar City to find why the city is producing massive sinkholes. The underlying is huge, so in order to accomplish the mission the team must split up. Again, this is just another reason why I love group superheroes. The characters have more chance to come alive in smaller groups and I could read about the furballs all day. So Rocco, Belle, and Ace take one side and Cassie, Rocket, and Midnight take another. This is where the clever writing of Puttkammer kicks in. with Cassie’s team, Rocket tells a backstory about Ace and Midnight. The comic turns into an old school jewel thief comic and allows for readers to get hooked on a completely different story than the one being told. Even when we get back to the main story, I am not disappointed because both are equally cool.

We eventually find out that there is a whole other world in these caves called Stone City. It is run by these troll-like people who speak a language that Cassie can’t even understand. But I give credit to Marcus Williams, because no matter their differences they are just so dang cute. You really can not dislike them. Although Williams draws this comic with an adorable cap on. He has too.

Anyway, the story is action filled once the trolls met up with the cats. The battles in Hero Cats are always fun. Each character finds a chance to utilize his/her skills in the fight. I like that. Again Puttkamer makes the battles work with all these different cats having different skills, but Williams brings it to life. Each move is given to each cat with their personality in mind. Taking the time to do this really shows patience and an overall love for the characters they are writing.

So keep this up my Hero Cats team because kids are eating this right up. No doubt that this comic is suited for cat lovers and for kids. It has a lot to offer, but mostly the comic is just a hell of a good time to read.

Score: 3/5

Hero Cats of Stellar City#4 Writer: Kyle Puttkammer Artist: Marcus Williams Colorist: Matt Herms Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/4/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital