Review: Hero Cats of Stellar City #5

Well I was actually wondering when Hero Cats would do a crossover with Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl and it has arrived! So Galaxy Man is another comic written by Kyle Puttkammer. It is a great read and all revolves around this man searching for his missing wife. Galaxy Man knows that his wife is missing somewhere in outer space, so his mission is not only to save his town but to find his beloved. On top of that, his sidekick is Cosmic Girl and unbeknownst to them, Cosmic Girl’s alter ego, Suzie, is Galaxy Man’s daughter. So they pretty much live under the same household and don’t even know that each other are superheroes. But guess what? There is even more. They don’t know that there cat, Cassie, is a superhero as well fighting crime alongside her other cat friends. This is where these two comics crossover. Trust me, it would help if you just read some of Galaxy Man. It wouldn’t be any work and would make these crossovers a lot more fun. Herocats-#5Let’s start with the good of this issue. Well I loved that Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl were in it. Obviously, these two forces will probably have to join up every once in a while to take down the super villains. So for Cassie to now know of her family’s affairs, it opens a lot of doors for huge events to come our way. Plus Cassie has an in. She can know about new villains and also maybe be able to eventually help Galaxy Man find his wife.

Although, I am not going to lie, I missed the other hero cats. They were in it, but definitely not as much as Cassie and her owners. And I also thought this issue lacked some plot. I wish there was an overlaying story but as of right now, it is not. I really hope we dive into each character they we have with Cassie. And not just their past but the present as well. They all go home at the end of the day, so where is that for all our feline friends?

Plus if there is one thing I love about Hero Cats, it is the art. It would be so cool to see where Marcus Williams and Ryan Sellers could take us with each cat. Their art, once again, was amazing. It is very cartoony but nothing seems forced from the characters movements. It looks natural and just flows together nicely when the pages are all laid out. Plus I just can’t get over how each of these cats has their own personality that shows in the art. They all move a different way, they all have different expressions, so the group’s dynamic is spot on.

So overall, the issue had some high spots and low spots, still you should pick this up just for the pure fact that this is the first real crossover with Cassie’s family. Otherwise, I think Hero Cats should find an ultimate villain or add some plot development to give it a clear direction.

Score: 3/5

Hero Cats of Stellar City #5 Writer: Kyle Puttkammer Artist: Marcus Williams & Ryan Sellers Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/8/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital