Review: Hero Cats of Stellar City #6

I keep forgetting that Cassie is new to the hero team, so they are still ironing everything out with her. But Cassie fits right in with these cool cats, so by ironing out, I mean they are killing it. It seems like no case goes unsolved when Hero Cats are on the trail. But the real winners every issue are the readers. Number 6 goes into a lot more characterization, especially with Ace. For being the leader, we don’t know much about this feline. Actually, we know very about all these cats. We get pieces here and there but no real definite stories. And the mystery behind all of them makes the comic that much better! If we knew everything about these cats it wouldn’t be as fun. Plus, allowing the readers to get little pieces every issue makes me want to continue reading to finally put all those pieces together. So anyway, Ace’s past isn’t talked about so much but instead his future is. And it gets a little PG because the rest of the gang notice that Ace is favoring Cassie, and why you might ask because he has a crush on her! Aw cat love. It is quite adorable and believe me isn’t overdone, so this still ranks as a superhero story not a love story.  It is cute how it all unfolds although we may be waiting awhile until Cassie and Ace have their first official date.

Hero Cats #6We also learn about, my personal favorite cat, Rocket. He has a fear of humans and when the mission, and probably lots from here on out, involve humans, he must pull it together to get through his task. Cassie learns of a machine that has been stolen off of a college campus. The same campus that Galaxy Man teaches at. The machine claims to grow food sizes hoping to get it to starving countries. It has gone missing and now the cats need to find out what happened. So this leads to Rocket having to be around lots of people. We don’t really know why Rocket is afraid of humans but I am assuming it has to do with his hometown. Rocket claims he is from outer space even though I don’t think all of the other heroes believe him. But this is what makes Rocket so great. He has this space cadet attitude and unusual look on life. Plus, I think Marcus Williams might favor Rocket too. Rocket has these twisted moves that no other cat has. And he also has the coolest look with tufts of fur around his neck and little stripes that just make Rocket pop when he enters the panel.

The action isn’t too intense with Hero Cats. This is another issue where there is a beginning and an end. I cannot wait for the story to continue with an ongoing storyline. This comic has everything I love, so it is time to give it some thicker plot and amp up these cats. Puttkammer promises me that there will be an interesting character entering into Hero Cats soon, so I hope we can get to this new introduction. I am so excited for this to grow because it is just a great kid’s comic with tons of personality. Plus, I wanna see this get so big that some merchandise of our favorite cats can hit the shelves.

Score: 3/5

Hero Cats of Stellar City #6 Writer: Kyle Puttkammer Artist: Marcus Williams & Ryan Sellers Colorist: Omaka Schultz Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/10/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital