Review: Hero Happy Hour Vol. 1

Hero Happy Hour vol 1-1Think about being a couple drinks in at a local bar. You start to wobble a bit, the music is getting more honky tonk than expected, and you are talking someone up about how simple it would be to just live off the land and get out of here. Then your favorite superhero strolls through the door and you can’t tell if you are drooling over them or if you have been drooling this whole time. Then you realize heroes are normal and they want to socialize with Mr. Alcohol too. This is why I picked up Hero Happy Hour. I can say this honestly and true; the best comic I have read recently. Hands down hilarious. Dan Taylor and Chris Fason bring a uniquely awesome story to light. The book is centered around The Hideout Bar and Grill where heroes come in to take a load off from fighting crime. They keep the uniforms on but aren’t shy to talk about all things superhero. They fight over names, bad guys, sidekicks, and cheesy publicity stunts. The heroes drink the whole time and… surprise surprise even heroes drink light beer. Believe me though the other guys give him shit for it. (They do limit their drinks though if they are on duty, so we can all sleep safe tonight). The bartender, Rusty, is just a sweet old ex-hero. He is retired and keeps things in order with this crowd.

Although Rusty is maybe one the most likable characters, my heart goes out to Scout. He is the sidekick for Night Ranger. By the way, Night Ranger has a receding hairline followed by a long ass pony tail. Yeah I know, makes him badass too. Anyway, Scout is always getting picked on for being the sidekick. Night Ranger gives him a hard time for never following orders and even tells his other friends how hard it is to have a sidekick. You actually have to look out for someone else. Scout has to be I.D.ed before drinking and argues that being a hero is a good enough status in order to not have an I.D.

One of the craziest scenes is when the bad gang rolls into their tiny bar to start a fight. Best bar fight ever! Heroes vs. villains at a bar smashing around pool tables and drinks being spilled is all I need. And ladies don’t worry because there is even an issue dedicated to women heroes and how some can’t find a suit that isn’t slutty while others want to show off their chests more.

This comic just puts on the hero masks and reveals what they think about behind closed doors. The heroes are just living their lives and complain about not having rent money or being politically correct when referring to mutants as “neo-sapiens.”  The comic even hits on the difficulties of peeing when wearing the suit. I can’t get enough of this comic and the humor thrown in your face. I don’t know if I can ever read a superhero comic again and not wonder if he is only thinking about going out for those couple of drinks.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Dan Taylor

Artist: Chris Fason

Publisher: Arcana Studios

Price: $19.99 Print $4.99 Digitally