Review: Hit-Girl #1

Did you ever just sit back and wonder, what the hell went on between Kick-Ass 1 and Kick-Ass 2? Well wonder no more comic book philistine because Hit Girl is here to answer all that for you. Because the little bitch is back! Millar’s words not mine. As the rain falls in a junkyard, a group of mod thugs are beating the Silver Beetle to death in hopes of getting the location of Kick-Ass. As the Beetle explains he doesn’t know him and that he was just inspired by him the thugs kill him.

The next day Marcus (Mindy’s stepfather) watches the news and hears of the heroes slaying. The report also says that this is the second hero in the matter of weeks. Meanwhile Mindy gets ready for school and reflects on life without Big Daddy and how her life is so much different now. On the way to school she’s harassed by a click of mean girls. She tries to hide it but their remarks and taunts really bothered her.

Hit-Girl_1-674x1024Now at school she meets up with Dave and she tells him that she’s still keeping watch on the crime family thanks to Marcus’ computer. After questioning if she’s really retired Dave agrees to help in any way he can. Excited, Mindy leaves but not before the group of mean girls busts her balls one more time.

In the local penitentiary, Ralph (Red Mist’s uncle) is informed of the family’s standing in the outside world. He sends the word to keep hunting down the “heroes” till they find Kick-Ass, all for the family’s name.

Walking the streets Kick-Ass goes to meet Hit Girl in her secret lair that her and her father had hidden all this time. She asks Kick-Ass to help her be a normal kid and in return she’ll let him be her side kick.

Meanwhile, The Red Mist sits in his mother’s bedroom with some booze and a gun. When she awakes he explains to her that he’s here for a few things and that he can’t stay long because he has super crime to commit.

This book is cool. The first series was cool; the second series was cool and this one’s off on the right foot. Story wise it’s going to be hard to pull off any real surprise, so Millar’s going to have to dump tons of character development into Mindy and Dave. So far with them working together as a team there should be tons of room for that to happen.

Here’s a little secret, I’m kind of a sucker for John Romita Jr’s art. Great examples are Mindy with her little body and big ass head. The Red Mist’s scrawny ass, they look like awaked kids. It just adds that coolness to the overall presentation.

So far so good with Hit Girl #1, as long as is dodges the shite pacing of Kick-Ass 2 this series should be a complete blast.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Mark Millar Artist: John Romita, Jr Publisher: Icon/ Millar World Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/27/12