Review: I Love Trouble #5

This issue cleared up a lot of things for me and if you’ve read my last review you know that I had some problems with it and definitely things that I didn’t pick up on within the story. I’ve definitely decided that it’s not for me, but I also decided to be fair and give it one last go as a review as I’ve developed quite a relationship with the series.

This issue literally clarified everything that’s been bugging me since the first issue, but it’s a bit too late in the game for it. Also, because so much is taken care of in this issue it becomes emotionally numbing and by the end it feels more like a check list than a huge story pay off. Felecia sits down with a psychiatrist (presumably one that works for Mars) and they begin running down her life; her abusive relationship, her sister and her job. The shrink totally agrees with me about her personality not making sense with her relationship choices. Felecia can’t really explain it, but hey I get that too. Sometimes the heart is just fucking stupid, but this is kind of the first time we’re seeing this side of Felecia. Part of her comes across as want to be honest, but the other part has its sarcastic defenses up so they end up cancelling each other out.

The conversation continues and suddenly the monkey shows back up. The monkey is her imaginary friend from her childhood and he’s kind of a pecker-head as he eggs her on about the guilt she has from killing people. It’s strange because Felecia continues to take missions and seems to enjoy killing until a kid sees her and then the guilt sets in. Probably something to do with her father, if you’ve ever listened to Dr. Drew you’re probably aware that he always says that it all stems from the father relationship. Anyways, Felecia screams at the monkey and the session is ended. Again, the monkey pushes her until her breaking point… I guess he’s an imaginary frenemy?

If there wasn’t enough emotional baggage and clarity in the first scene, our blind Mars agent shows up to talk to Felecia after she ditches work for the bar in the morning. He uses his power on her and it’s all about her shitty boyfriend. I’m not going to detail it since it’s pretty obvious and it would steal the payoff for you. After that… there’s more for Felecia to take care of, but again you’re better off reading it on your own instead of me detailing it all. It is a pretty big story element that’s been into play and leaves Felecia a very different character in my opinion.

While I actually liked having all of the different story resolution that I’ve been waiting for, it was too much at once and ultimately left the issue feeling a bit dull. I definitely feel that it could have been stronger and sprinkled out more in the previous issues. For instance, all of things that Felecia is shown about her boyfriend could have easily been done in the last issue since it was literally only a page and it tied directly into the story at hand. The monkey reveal could have then been trimmed to one page as well. It would have made the payoff the third act of this issue much better and definitely more impactful.

Maybe I was supposed to find the monkey funny and while he was humorous, he came off really dark and jacked up. Also I was happy to see that Maggie’s powers were cleared up even if it was only something I was confused about.

Overall this isn’t a bad issue, but it just happens too late in the story. While I know that this series isn’t for me I’ll at least check out the sixth issue which I’m assuming will wrap up the first story arc, but I don’t know what to really expect from it since this issue didn’t set up the next issue like the previous issues have done with a cliffhanger. That could just mean that this is the end of the first arc, but it could also mean that there are surprises in store for us in the next issue.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Kel Symons

Artist: Mark A. Robinson

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 5/8/13