Review: I Was The Cat

There are two things that are certain in this world. One: I love cats. I have loved cats before it was cool. Before everything thought you were some sort of hipster for loving cats but instead a freak. Before watching videos online became the ultimate pastime. Before naming your cat after a celebrity was normal. Yeah I have loved cats all my life. Two: Cats are assholes. It is true that as much as I love cats, they will always be a pain in my butt. One cat doesn’t cover her pooh, while the other cat sticks his paw in your mouth while asleep to indicate he is hungry. Still I feel guilty going on vacations, I spend loads of money on bell-feathered-wands, and my camera roll has captured every moment of their lives more than my own. Once you discover these two facts, you can detect the people who know these two facts as well. Paul Tobin and Benjamin Dewey know these two facts. That is why they capture every perfect element of a cat with I Was The Cat. Let’s break down the plot. Allison Breaking lets her curiosity get the best of her when looking for a new job. But since she is a human, we are hoping that it does not kill her. Reagan, her best friend, advises Allison against taking this new job. Why you ask? Well the letter received by Allison is very suspicious but he is willing to pay a lot of money. Allison gives it a shot and finds out that the letter was so suspicious because the person who is willing to pay Allison for her to write his biography isn’t a human at all. Meet Burma, a talking cat with loads of money and eight past lives that need to be documented.

Like any rational person, Allison is so taken back that she flees the scene and can’t even put into words what is happening. But once again, Allison wants to know more about this cat. See cats in the real world have this power over humans to capture their attention with one little purr or meow. So Allison goes back. Eventually Reagan gets in on the experience and this is where the true magic of the comic comes in.

I Was The Cat CoverBurma has so many incredible stories to tell that he doesn’t stick to a routine or order. Something reminds him of an event and we are off into a past life. The stories are grand and only get better with each one he tells. The comic does a great job of layering stories on top of stories. You are truly entertained as much as Allison and Reagan are. Burma has had some crazy experiences, so you really never know what is coming next.

As the story unfolds, you start to wonder though if Burma is being completely honest. Not only with his past lives, but his real reason for Allison and the random phone calls he gets in between it all. You slowly start to unwind Burma’s true purpose and the reason his ninth life will be his most epic. He is leading a secret society. While the stories are being told to Allison and Reagan, there is another story being told to the audience of what Burma is up to.

Just like these two girls, you get taken in by Burma and his stories. Plus he is a pretty cute cat, so you are under his spell immediately. And you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The ability to give a cat these talents all comes down to Paul Tobin and his brilliant writing style. It must be hard to create a character that you want to be taken a certain way, but even more difficult to create a cat. With all the cat lovers out there, this OGN will sure be a hit for those reading it. But even if you despise cats, I think this comic just tells a damn good story. It has those elements needed to make a OGN unique and exciting. So it is time that you finally pick up a copy of I Was The Cat and enjoy of every meow mix moment.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Benjamin Dewey Publisher: Oni Press Price: $24.99 Release Date: 8/6/14 Format: OGN, Print/Digital