Review: Intersect #2

I felt really twisted after reading Intersect #1. I am assuming that Ray Fawkes wanted us to feel that twisted. It was difficult to completely understand what was all going on, but the mind tricks the comic played was good enough to keep me hooked. So I loved how issue #2 started for the reader. Fawkes gives us a little plot synopsis. This may not be a regular thing, but I enjoyed having the plot summed up. I felt accomplished after being hit by the complexity of #1. At the same time though, the synopsis doesn’t give away too much. It is a mystery within itself, and you will see how that works once you pick it up. Now let’s dive into this mind trip. Intersect-#2-12.17.14To say Interest is a mind trip would be spot on. I love thinking while I read, and I think Intersect let’s the readers do that. Some writers are too scared to let the readers think for themselves or create ideas outside of their world. But this comic allows you to think and to be creative as a reader. The basic, yet not so basic plot line, revolves around Jason and Alison. Their bodies are crossing into each other and transforming from one to the other. The mind stays, but the body changes, and the memory is trying to overcome it all. Their safe haven is this person know as the kid. He is having some transforming issues as well. Yeah pretty much the whole town is transforming.

I couldn’t imagine living like this and it really awakens those horror sensors. Thinking about losing myself to another, and especially male!, would be horrific. Watching those last moments of yourself fade into another human form not knowing if it is your last would literally make you go crazy. On top of that, we actually see a transfer take place. It isn’t pretty and looks quite painful on both ends. Compliments the art though, because it really shows a struggle between two entities. Actually we see it multiple times, and each time it just gets worse it seems. I am wondering what triggers a change or if it is somehow timed. Maybe it all just connects with memories, so when one human gets reminded of a memory that is stronger than the current body taking over, they switch. I honestly don’t know. Loved to hear your theories though.

Anyway, Alison and Jason seem to be in a lot of trouble or just maybe be associated with the kid is what is getting them in trouble. Either way having to run from the cops as well as transforming on the path can’t be a good thing. I am so interested to see what happens that it makes it hard to just stop reading the issue. It doesn’t come to an end, but just a stop. Like they reached their page limit and had to stop. I love it and hate it all at once. Intersect has kept me for another issue with ease, pick an issue to see if it has the same psychological effect.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Ray Fawkes Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 12/17/14 Format: Print/Digital