Review: Intersect #4 (Image Comics)

I have not been afraid to admit when I don’t understand a comic completely. Intersect was one of those comics. With #4 though, I really dove into the story. And I won’t say I am an expert on the matter, but most of the story was clear. This makes me happy that I stuck with this comic then. I think most readers, unless a fan of Ray Fawkes, probably are going through the same thing. Well if you have had some doubts pick up this latest issue and see what it is all about. I think you will find the whole comic in a better flow. As, I said last review, Fawkes probably wanted us confused to grab our attention. And now that we have held on the story was worth a little confusion. So let’s just jump into Intersect. This whole is a whole lotta fucked up. Everyone is transforming into something else. Of course no one knows why. Probably some experiment gone wrong, but we really have no clue. So we follow Alison and Jason. Two people that are trapped in the same body. At different moments, one will come out and be dominant. So yeah, the story is twisted. The two entities switch back and forth between the body. It isn’t hard to keep up with who is who, because it is a female body and then a make body, but the thinking each character does is a little tough to follow. Again, #4 was the easiest to follow. What I still don’t know about this comic is the goal. I don’t know what these two are trying to do.

Intersect-#4-2-25-15I think Fawkes is doing it right though. He doesn’t want to give too much away, and this issue reveals some pretty interesting past pieces and some new story, it seems that readers will like this comic even more. Fawkes has a different way of writing his story, so I don’t think all people will enjoy it but for those who like to think and really dive into a comic then yeah, he is doing it right.

Plus, I have to give credit to his art style. Everything seems so unreal. When we finally see some of the life before all this happen, the characters are more clear. But as we jump to current day, everything runs together. Hence why I think the comic looks like a watercolor. I am excited to see how everything continues to blend together. I think Fawkes has a lot in store and will not disappoint his readers.

I think Intersect has a lot to offer. It is a complex story with real emotions. So me giving Intersect a 2 isn’t a bad thing. I would just love for the comic to grow. I would love for the story become more and more clear as we go on. So my 2 is me giving this comic time. I want to see it improve, so don’t be discouraged by that. If you like to analyze text, if you like truly usual stories, and if you love admiring good art, Intersect is definitely a comic that will fit your personality.

Score: 2/5

Intersect #4 Writer: Ray Fawkes Publisher: Image Comics Price: 3.50 Release Date: 2/25/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital