Review: iZombie 1.6 - Virtual Reality Bites

I truly look forward to this show every Tuesday. The show is nothing what I expected, and I think a lot of new comic fans would agree. To put it in one sentence, I expected was some typical over sexualized zombie to fight with her friends and fall in love with total losers while failing at life, but what I got was an average girl who was at the wrong place and now has to deal with seclusion while solving crimes and turning not to hurt the people she loves. Liv may be one of the most relatable characters on TV right now...well besides for the obvious reasons. I just love her strong female character role. And she doesn’t necessarily have to be strong at all times in order to prove that she is awesome. She has her vulnerable moments. Plus not to mention that they show her eating junk food and being a real woman. Thank god for cheese puffs! The handling of her as a female protagonist is exactly what we need on television. This episode opened a lot of doors for Liv. In particular, her love life. I am jumping around the show a lot right now, but let’s focus on Lowell for a moment. The two get to chill with each other, and it is was adorable. Not only can they relate on a eating brains level, but they also talk about their struggles relating to the switch. Then when the night closes, Lowell makes his move, but Liv still clearly tied to Major rejects the kiss. So sad.

iZombie 1.6

But now we jump into the case, Clive finds a famous internet hacker dead in his basement. Liv picks up two traits of his which is online gaming and this dizziness. The dizziness comes on in social situations, hence why this dude was never seen outside of his house. So now it is time to figure out who killed this recluse. Liv eats his brains, which is disturbing to say the least. I always get a little queasy at these moments, but this man’s brain was nasty!

We jump around a lot in this episode, which again I think is an advantage about the storyline. Major is having problems finding Jerome still and decides to search tons of YouTube videos that were taken at the skatepark. Obviously this all relates back Blaine and dictatorship. We don’t learn anything new about Blaine, but Liv and Ravi soon will. As far as an antagonist goes, I think Blaine is a great start. Although his character is a tad predictable, how Liv will deal with it is not. Plus with Major being tied up in it, there may have to be some explaining or hard core lying going on. So having big questions about the turnout, makes Blaine this great rival and really creates this good zombie vs bad zombie plotline.

By far the best part of this episode was Liv’s gaming skills. This show makes me laugh. Like hardcore laugh and I find myself quoting the show, which is tough to get me to do. And when she picks up these WOW abilities while guzzling down pop and making cheese stains on her sweatpants, well it made my night as I’m sure it did with everyone.

Although I like to give away some information of the episode, and I don’t want to give away everything. The episode was great through and through. Liv and Ravi were hilarious, Blaine was even creepier than last episode, and Lowell may have gotten his kiss in the end.

Score: 4/5

iZombie 1.6 - Virtual Reality Bites Air Date: 4/12/15 Watch iZombie on CW, Tuesday 9/8 C